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February 2015 issue

The Primeamp store on ebay has some nice entry level speaker cables that sell for $49 with free shipping. They only come in one size, 2.5 meters. They are made out of 6N OFC copper wire and have a black and blue polyester jacket, terminated with pure gold plated connectors. Fit and finish is very nice and your persnickety wife won't be complaining about them lying on your floor. There is not much to report on with these speaker cables. They are pure and transparent with good tonal qualities. I like the pure and direct approach to audio and that is what i heard with these cables.

A quick note before i start my review. I mounted the Qinpu tube amp to the Jefferson Memorial t-amp stand and i left the amp powered on for 4 or 5 days before listening.

Kinda jazzy kinda funky is a collection of great soul jazz that puts you in a pleasure zone recorded on the HighNote label. Track number 3 by musician, Rodney Jones, is titled, "Live Bait". While listening to this track i noticed a smooth and tight sound. Everything sounded neutral and clean, if a little on the reserved side. There was a sense of an "organic" quality to the sound. The drum bass line was tight and tuneful. The cables just basically disappeared and let the music play on.

I wanted to see what kind of liquidity that the Primeamp cables were capable of so i put on a nice recording with vibes, by Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants. Track number 2, titled, "Swing Spring", has a slightly open, lively quality. The vibes have a "fun", liquid and "playful" quality about them. Miles Davis' trumpet playing had good detail and i noticed a slight golden tone to the sound. Piano presentation was pretty good, but had a slight "rubbery" quality.

Lastly, David Bowie's masterpiece ,"Reality", has a song on it that literally made my wall shake. I noticed very nice dynamics on the final track, "Bring me the disco king". The bass sounded "thunky". I am talking about a thick hard dense bass that had me thinking i was near a construction site. It literally sounded like someone was thumping the back wall of my Manhattan 13th floor penthouse apartment. The vocals were forward sounding with good transparency and clarity. This is
a well balanced cable with a good representation of high, mid and lows.

So, for $49 shipped all the way from Hong Kong, you can buy yourself a pair of ready-made speaker cables with solid quality construction and a pure and neutral sound. I think that is a pretty good deal. The Primeamp speaker cables seem to compliment tube amps and t-amps to a good degree, also.

Associated gear
Qinpu A-6000mkII amp with upgraded tubes
Denon DVD-1920
NVA Soundcord ic
Paradigm Atom V3 speakers
Atacama stands
Jefferson Memorial t-amp stand

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