Review: PowerLine 400 pure copper cable power cord

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
January 2018 Issue

I found an inexpensive power cord that purports to to have been made from Monster PowerLine 400 series power cable. I purchased this power cord from Ebay seller, Pinshuche for the price of $10.99 plus shipping from China. It comes in a 1.5 meter length and has double shielded copper. If you are looking for a pure sound from your low powered amp , this cord will do nicely. The power cord has good noise reduction properties and has a similar tonal color as my NVA interconnect. 

Reference Discs

1. The Rolling Stones, Out of our heads, Track # 10, "Play With Fire", Track # 11, " The Spider And The Fly".
2. Paul Simon, One trick pony, Track # 1, "Late In The Evening".

While listening to "Play With Fire",  from the Rolling Stones cd , i noticed pure and neutral vocals with a subtle inflection. The vocals also had a slight spotlight effect. Resolution seemed to be very good. The highs were fairly clean and had a slight sheen on top. I then skipped to track # 11 and studied the drums. While not particularly deep sounding, they did have a slight whack and sounded accurate. The drums were slightly rounded, fairly tight, and well placed. 

If you are a Paul Simon fan and don't have the One Trick Pony cd in your collection, you are missing out. "Late In The Evening", was one of my favorite songs back then and this is a fairly well recorded album. The percussion work on this track is spectacular and the PowerLine power cord showed it to good effect. Excellent musicality and rhythm and timing were noted. The horns had a little bit of brassiness and the highs were strong, bold and slightly crisp.

So, overall  not much to complain about with the 400 PowerLine power cord. It is not the most dynamic or cleanest power cord you are going to find, but it is a pure sounding cord with a nice tonal color and good noise reduction properties. It is definitely an upgrade from any stock power cord you are using. $10.99 from China, come on, people, what more do you want?

Associated equipment

Arcam Alpha 8r integrated amp with rca noisestoppers
Sony DVP-NS3100ES DVD player
NHT SB-1 speakers
Wasatch Labs 601 speaker cable with silver bananas
Cardas 300-b micro stereo interconnect cable
Atacama speaker stands