Review: Pioneer CLD-1080 Video

Category: Home Theater

This is a basic laserdisc player. It has line level outputs as well as RF, though no digital out, has a full featured remote, and all the basics of a nice LD player. I used a couple of cheesy used ones before this, but this player was found used for $125, and was well worth it. The video signal has minimal noise, and is very clear with no apparent bleeding (beyond the TVs own bleeding). The power supply is quite overspecified, always a plus, and this seems to be the source of this players big, dynamic sound. On films I have been very happy with this player. With CDs, it exhibits the same "big" sound, but is rather hazy compared to the EAD DSP-1000 DAC I normally use. As is to be expected, since this player was likely half the price of the EAD when new, and has to incorporate a video section and transport mechanism. I picked up the cheesy laserdisc players before this very cheaply, and as such, they were far inferior units. The CLD-1080 blew them away. I bought these players all after DVD had begun its rise to popularity, as I am able to get movies for $5 a pop on LD. If you like movies, are on a limited budget and find this used, I recommend it, its very sturdy and well-built, and reproduces both audio and video quite well. In a mid-fi setup, the CD playback would likely be quite good sounding.

Associated gear
Pioneer Elite vsx 24tx receiver
Paradigm Monitor 9, CC-350
Monitor Audio ASW-110
Optimus LX-5