Review: Pioneer A-P510 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

It happened that while I was browsing through the garage sale finding some decent reels for fishing I spotted Pioneer a-P510 -- T-P710 mini system. Since I needed it in my temporary location to listen to something without quality demand, I decided to purchase it and give it a try. The price together with Panasonic SB-DH30A was $15.

When I started playing, my volume level was barely reaching 0900 that already probably took maximum from these speakers, but the music came out very well handled and controlled. Certainly I couldn't expect great bass results but my next step was to disconnect my AKG K701 and plug'em into Pioneer...

And there it comes... O M G!
Thinking of sOO many options for relatively hard to drive earspeakers such as AKG K701 it rocked them so I couldn't believe they could open so much!
I gave a try to Consonance M20 headphone amp and didn't like the fact that I spent almost $300 for used getting higher volume levels than with ML9600 headphone jack but much lower lower-end definition.
As far as volume level goes I could turn it 1200 at most on the small non hard-rock or metal band. The Pioneer mentioned above turned out to be one of the BEST headphone amplifiers I've ever used for the proce of Boostaroo!
This component can also fit very well into the secondary mini system and can be well integrated with subwoofer and inexpensive monitor speakers.

Associated gear
Alesis ML9600, AKG K701

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