Review: Penn-Elcom rubber cabinet foot F1690 Tweak

Category: Accessories

I like playing with tweaks and tweaks can be expensive. I have found a set of footers that sell for 50 cents a piece on the parts express website. They are Penn-Elcom F1690 rubber cabinet feet with a one inch diameter and one inch height. I will be reviewing these as isolation devices underneath my sony one playstation , which i use as a source. Before i start the review i have one warning which may preclude you from purchasing this item. The footers smell like toasted rubber with salt on top. If you can get past that, then i highly recommend them as an effective , inexpensive tweak.

I have picked out 3 reference cd's and i am going to compare 4 selections with and without the footers in place. I will say that the results were consistent across the board.

1. Dave Holland Quartet / Conference Of The Birds, track two Q & A.
2. Dave Holland Quartet / Conference Of The Birds, track three Conference Of The Birds.
3. Lee Morgan , Charisma, track one Hey Chico.
4. Men At Work , Business As Usual, track ten down by the sea.

On the Dave Holland cd selection Q & A the music was clearer, had better presence, more stable sounding, smoother, better depth, and the detail was easier to hear.

The second selection, Conference Of The birds, also gave positive results with the penn-elcom footers. The bass was stronger and more focused, the highs had more weight, and music sounded more 3 dimensional.

The Lee Morgan Charisma cd is not the best cd to listen to, soundwise , but the music is excellent and the better your equipment the better this cd sounds. The selection Hey Chico had cleaner highs, more definition to the highs, and smoother horns. I also noticed a crisper more robust presentation with better presence.

Men At Work business as usual is one of my favorite cd's and i especially like the last track , down by the sea.
While i was listening to this song i noticed a firmer , tighter bass with more air and clearer mids. There was also less harshness to the highs and what seemed to be a blacker background.

So there you have it. Consistent improvements across the board. That is what i look for when i try to upgrade my system. I highly recommend the penn-elcom footers as an effective tweak , at a bargain price of 50 cents a piece! Happy Listening. :)

Associated gear
Arcam av50 Integrated amp
Madisound studio kit speakers
Atacama speaker stands
Sony playstation one scph-1001
Tara labs prism reference power cord
Virtue audio nirvana interconnect
Monster xphp speaker cable with dayton bfa banana connectors