Review: Penaudio Cenya

Category: Speakers

Mostly listen to acoustic jazz, celtic and blues. Regarding my library, several are audiophile label recordings produced by companies such as Linn, MoFi, XRCD, K2HD, FIM and Opus3. Most of these produce excellent reproduction of acoustic instruments with sound staging and dynamics.

The Cenya monitors have replaced my Merlin MME monitors and lived in the system for about 2 months. At first they displayed the usual bloated bass and thin treble of speakers which are not broken in. After about 40 hours that started to definitively wain.

At this time they are quite detailed, image well and are non-fatiguing to listen to for hours. They of course are helped by the Manley preamp and monoblocks. They do the disappearing act well with a very deep and wide sound stage. They are quite cohesive and balanced in presentation and present no weaknesses for my listening as I've no need for thundering bass or terrific volumes.

Suprisingly, these work quite well at very moderate volumes. I say this as many relatively inefficient designs sound great loud and wander at low volumes.

In conclusion, I think I've finally found my monitor for some years to come and it didn't even cost me a house down payment. Ciao

Associated gear
Sugden SE 21 CD player as transport, DECWARE ZDAC 1 DAC, Manley Jumbo Shrimp preamp, Manley Mahi Mahi monoblocks, MAC interconnects, Furman 15i AC conditioner, 24" Sound Organization massed stands.

Similar products
Michael Green monitors, Merlin MME, Rogers LS3/5A, Mission M72, Mordaunt Short 20i and many more.
Hello Celtic,
You mentioned you had the Merlin MME, but switched to the Cenya - are you still liking the Cenya more? And can you comment further on the late night, low volume listening levels?

Tom , OHIO
Owned both as well. But will not be selling my Cenya's in any forseeable future despite my rotating audio merry-go-round. Matched superbly well w/ my Sonneteer Alabaster; LFD Mk IV; with Crimson Audio speaker cables.

Despite their 4-ohm load; both the Sonneteer and LFD at ~55-60 WPC at low levels and late listening are to be heard to be believed.

Highly recommended.