Review: Paul Speltz Anti Cables Speaker cable

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I was lucky enough to have these Anti cables given to me by a very generous Audiogoner. I had been using Canre s4 cables and had much enjoyed them. Sometime ago however, I began seeing ads for the Paul Speltz "Anti Cables" and have been intrigued to hear these. When I recived them, I cut them to size, twisted them as prescribed by other agoners, and proceeded to burn them in for about 150 hrs. They sounded ok right out of the box but they really opened up after the burn in. I have noticed the sound stage is certainly bigger and more focused than before. There also seems to be more air in between the microphone positions on stage/studio.
The bass is also noticably tighter w/ more slam. Overall I hear a better more holograpic image and would recomend these to anyone looking for an inexpensive way to boost system performance. I have heard other reviewers compare them to cables costing tenfold. Unfortunatley my budget would not allow me to know this first hand, but I find it rewarding to know that others have made the comparisons.

Associated gear
Sunfire 300 w/ch stereo amp
Anthem pre2l Tube pre amp
AH! Njoe 4000 cd player
Kimber PBJ interconnects
Magnepan MMG speakers w/ custom stands
I wholeheartedly agree with Totorg. In this crazy hobby that some of us are caught up on a merry go-round with upgrading to get better sound, we often forget that you do not have to spend an enormous amount of money on speaker cables to get closer to the music. After using various cables from Nordost, Cardas, Groneberg, Goertz to name a match well with my floorstanders, I have finally found a perfect match. For the first time I found my saviour in the Anti-Cable. With the addition of these speaker cables they seem to grip the drivers like no other speaker cable I have tried to produce the proper solid bass, midrange, and treble which I knew these speakers were capable of. There is now the deep visceral bass not bloated bass, that was somewhat lacking, there is air and separation between the vocals and the instruments like I never experienced before. I am even hearing deeper into the soundstage. What is most unbelievable is this pair of 7 ft cables only cost a mere fraction of what my other speakers cables retail for. Proof that you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to get great cabling, of course if you prefer to buy and use the more expensive flavors of exotic cabling that is your choice. I would prefer to save the rest and buy more music to add to my listening enjoyment. I also recommend that you give them a serious listen after break-in. Although they sold me right out of the box, I now have approx 150 hrs on them and they just sound so much better...
I had a set of Kimber silver IC's and 8tg (?) speaker cables. They were described as being neutral as are the Speltz cables. However, the Speltz cables removed veil after veil after veil from the system. The Kimbers had also been described as "revealing", but if you want the hear, or more correctly, not hear truly revealing wires, listen to Speltz cables. For the price, how can you afford not to?

Just visit the Speltz web site and see what others say and what $$$$ cables they replaced with the $$ anti-cables.
I purchased a 100' roll of the original Anti cable when they first came out and made 2 25' sets so I could run them under my living room floor(the reason? the dreaded wife factor she wouldn't go for setting the whole system in the same place)after speaking with Paul Speltz about the whole twisting business I rigged up the pair.

At first they sounded a bit thin (I know 25' is pretty long run)they have been use for awhile now and they are great.

The cost at the time was a dollar a foot so I felt I didn't have a lot to lose. I will be moving soon and intend to purchase a new set of pre-twisted level 3's. Of course they cost more now since they've been "discovered" still even at the new price level they are a bargain.

If you haven't tried these cables I think you will be pleased with the sound and the cash left in your pocket.
I recently upgraded my system with the Hegel H80 and when I first listened to it, I was a bit underwhelmed. Talked to the store and they recommended that I upgrade my digital interconnect and speaker cables. On the digital interconnect side, I compared coaxial cables such as the Audioquest VDM 1, basic $10 cheap coax cable, SCA-D1M from Tributaries, and Optical Audioquest Cinnamon. The difference was hardly noticeable between any of them on A/B B/A direct comparison.

I then realized that a bigger issue may be coming from the speaker cables. My current cables were a bit muffled in mids and highs. Tried Clear Oval from Analysis Plus - clearer but lost a lot of bass. My dealer suggested Audioquest Go-4 but since I needed 12 feet on each side, it would have cost me more than $800 (with the connectors). I thought, what the heck, let me try Anticables Level 2 Performance speaker cables and I also purchased the Level 4.2 Reference plus digital interconnect. And then, WWOOOOWWWWW! The depth of stage, the tightness of the bass, the clarity of the mids and highs without harshness...Oh my God !!! It made my purchase of the Hegel really worth it, the whole system came alive. When you add 25 feet of speaker cables for $150 and the coax interconnect 4.2 with pure harmony plug at $185, with a 30 day trial period, how can you go wrong? Best Bang for the buck ever.

My Gear:
Hegel H80
Rega Appollo CD player
DynAudio A72 reference speakers
Anthem MRX 510 (main speakers driven by Hegel)
And now: Anticables interconnects Level 4.2 with Pure Harmony plug, Level speaker cables