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I tend to like all types of Jazz and this review is the results of listening to mostly: Micheal Hedges.Teirney Sutton,Fourplay,Lee Ritenour etc...type music...
This system is my "B" system located in my large basement. The listening area is aprox 26 X 20 with no obstructions....My original intend was to find a modestly price speaker cable that would basically sound neutral.In my efforts to experiment with the Monster cable,Home Depot,Zip cord and others,I found that they all seamed to either sound edgy ( monster) or too smooth ( Home Depot ext cord wire ) and some didn't do well at all ( various Zip cords )..,so I figured i'd try something rather inexpensive and hope for the best.....I decided to try Paul Spetlz,due to the good feedback that I had recently been reading on the Audiogon and Audiocircle web sites..I ordered a 8' bare with bare ends due to having the push on connections on my Sansui Integrated amp..Ordering took all of 5 minutes and within 3 days the wire showed up..
Upon opening the packaging the cable looked to me to be a lot better looking than I had expected..Kinda cool really!
I did have some connection problems trying to fasten the stiff wire around the binding posts on the Klipsch Forte 2s..So I eventually ended up using a pair of Bannana plugs that I had on hand..Upon start up I didn't notice anything different and thought I might have spent $80 into the big black hole again ( they do have a return policy ) ,but being as I have had this experiance many times before I decided to give it some time..They didn't sound bad right out of the packaging they just didn't sound great..So I put the Sony cd on repeat and let it go overnight and figure after 24 hours or so i'd give it another try.
The next afternoon I played Michael Hedges "Aerial Boundries" - Fourplay ( 3 different albums )Lee Ritnour ( 2 albums ) and I couldn't believe how much things changed. I wasn't sure if or how much bass I would lose..No problem there ! Quick tight and explosive.The biggest suprize though is the Refinement that I have gained..Big step forward..I ended up taking the cables off and doing the twist..About 3-4 turns per foot .I counted about 30 turns or so per side ...Even better detial..The midrange is also amazing ( considering what I paid and expected )..So now I don't have to experiment any longer.I am very satisfied with this cable and would never in mind expect to get the uprgrade I did with as little money as I spent..Great cable at a bargian price..Also great people to deal with..

Associated gear
Klipsch Forte2 speakers,Sansui AU 517/TU517 integrated Amp and Tuner combo.With old Sony cd player.Thorens TD160 turntable with Grado/Silver.

Similar products
Zip cord,Monster XP,Home Depot DIY and variuos other experiments
Didn't mention price but assume it's on web.Nice to hear your got upgrade for cheap.There are some folks spending big money on chords where Blekin or a cable from Bluejeans or other cheapie would work fine.Know that PC chords for some amps make big difference but was told by fellow I know at Krell (sold thier gear 1996-2001) to use a Belkin PC on my KSA300S which was $9K plus amp and now sells used for $3K give or take.On other hand heard big differne with differing chords with my tube Mesa baron.Depends on gear and expectaions.
I'm glad that the cables worked out for you. In my case, I purchased a very well reviewed pair of budget spkr cables and thought I found the holy grail of cables. approx 2 years later I upgraded to a used pair of Sonoran plateau speaker cables (actually paid less for the used Sonorans) and the budget cables weren’t even in the same league as the Sonoran's. My point is try testing your cables against a couple of heavy hitters and then draw your conclusions. That’s not the say that the Speltz are not a great cables, I am simply suggesting that you compare them to higher end cable

Pretty accurate review, very similar to my experience with Paul's cables. I liked his speaker cables so much that I ordered his interconnects. They are real nice surprise. You should give them a try sometime.
Chazzbo: I did mention the price..I paid $80 for a 8' pair..Quite a pleasant suprize..