Review: Paradigm PW-2200 Subwoofer

Category: Speakers

I have been listening to this sub for about 4 years now and must say that I have grown more attached to it than almost any other part of my system. Before I bought this I didn't think a sub was that big of a deal--I am running a pair of Paradigm 9SEmk3 for my mains and they have a good amount of bass. But then I began to notice, when I watched movies, sometimes the BOOMS didn't do it for me. I tried moving my speakers around and even touching the dread tone controls on my receiver. To no avail, but ah! I realized that I needed to add a sub to my system. So I went down to my local Hi-Fi shop and auditioned some subs. I checked a few offerings from paradigm (PW2200, Servo 15, PW2500), and the Sunfire True. I must say that out of all the subs I listened to the Servo 15 was the best but the PW2200 was close behind and costs a hell of a lot less. So I dropped my $700 and lugged the box of doom home. The rest is history now, the BOOMS make me happy now and I even noticed a pretty darn big difference in my music listening with the sub. Some things just need to be THERE in a recording and the full range and volume of bass is certainly one of them. The PW2200 delivers in spades and I am quite pleased with my purchase. For what I spent on the sub, I would recommend that anyone in the market for a sub checks this one out. The integration and sound is seamless and very delicious. Go try a bite for yourself.

Associated gear
Yamaha RX-V800 A/V receiver
Sony CDP-XA20ES DVD player
Sony DVP-S530D DVD player
Audioquest Ruby interconnects
Audioquest Type-4 speaker wire
Stinger 10AWG oxygen-free copper interconnect from sub to line-level output on receiver
Paradigm 9SEmk3 loudspeakers
Paradigm Atom loudspeakers
Paradigm LCR-350 loudspeaker

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I agree with you on your subwoofer choice. I have the pw-2200 with the studio 80's and I get massive bass response. I originally had it with a pair of monitor 3s v2 but upgraded. I live in an apartment in nyc and my neighbors all just "love" me. I get the usual complaints about a thunderous sound one or even two floors down. I have the sub out in the living room with no carpet except for a tiny area rug, which the sub is resting on. I listen to two channel and love the sub because it is tight as well as deep.
Totally agree. I have had mine for 2 years and I keep discovering how glad I am that I bought it. Very fast response and as thunderous as you can handle!
A simple tweek to transform the pw2200

I had the pw2200 in a large (20 x 25 x 10 ft high room, in a house) as an inexpensive attempt to extend the response and reduce the wear on the drivers of Platinum Audio Quattros driven by a Bryston 4b. The Quattros are such an excellent speaker that effect of the pw2200 wasn't all that profound. Then I happened to call an engineer at TC Sounds and got a fine recommendation for an alternate driver based on the enclosure dimensions and amp specs.

For a fairly modest investment, and 15 mins with a sabre saw and power screwdriver, this better (tc3hp) driver with more than 2 inch linear excursion and 30 lb magnet structure makes the pw2200 something entirely different including about 50% heavier. All of a sudden, extremely low frequency information is revealed on certain recordings that "just . . wasn't . . there" with the Paradigm driver, all the while retaining the musicality to 80hz where I'm crossing at. OK, you have to shim the grill out another inch as well.

This sub is now worth keeping for a while
Would mind giving up some of that upgrade info? I am interested in possibly doing this upgrade if it truly helps.