Review: Paradigm Cinema ht Speaker

Category: Speakers

What are your musical tastes? I listen to Jazz, some Rock, pop, Alternative Rock and oldies too.

recordings you use for testing? I usually put on a cd that has a clean voice and defined instruments. Clean bass is a must. Examples : Norah Jones, Presuntos Implicados, SOME Lenny Kravitz. I also may play some soft rock, the Wallflowers, etc.

What are the most important aspects of sound for you? A clean, clear response. Good integration with the rest of the system and natural reproduction. I also like prescence and power.

What is the worst thing a system could do to turn you off?
When it's too bright or too soft.

How long has this piece been in your system?
I've had these little paradigms for about 6-8 months

What did this component replace? A set of Klipsch Quintets with a Velodyne CT-100 sub

How did the sound change with this addition? MUCH Better! the sound is clearer than the Klipsch and more enjoyable

What are some of its strengths? Clear sound, well defined

What are some of its weaknesses? Little speakers, they can only integrate so much to a sub since the low frequencies cannot be reproduced by these monitors

If money was no object, would you still own this? Of course not...

Associated gear
Denon AVR-1803, Panasonic CP72

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