Review: Paradigm CC-350 Monitor

Category: Speakers

This was the center that was available to match the Monitor 9 for my home theater, and as such, what is really relevant is if it was clear and matched the Monitor 9s well. It does. As with all Paradigm speakers, this center channel represents a terrific value. It is far more clear than the cheesy optimus speaker that was performing center-channel duty before this, and matches the Monitor 9s very well indeed. The 2 6.5 inch woofers allow for good bass directionality down to where the subwoofer takes over. It is somewhat "dry" and would do well in a Home theater with a tube 5-channel amp, but does quite nicely resolving center information with the Pioneer receiver as well. A nice touch is that the sides have the same cloth covering as the removable grill, and so it blends in nicely. It's a fairly large center, but since it's a 330 dollar center speaker, one can assume that the TV in the system would be large as well. It is video shielded, and has never seemed to cause interference. As I said, it matches the Monitor 9s well, and has a nice clear, albeit "dry" sound which allows for great dialogue intelligibility. I would heartily recommend this to anyone with matching Paradigm front speaks.

Associated gear
Pioneer Elite vsx-24tx
Paradigm Monitor 9
Optimus LX-5
Toshiba SD-3109 DVD
Various video sources