Review: Paradigm Atom Speaker

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I'm currently using these as surrounds for my main HT system (all '96 vintage Paradigm). They are great. I think these are about the best speakers a guy can pick up for less than around $350. They beat the heck out of offerings from NHT, Polk, JM Labs, B&W, etc. of comparable price. I was using these for a while with just a nice little Rotel integrated and it was a very satisfying system. Plenty of definition, smooth highs, full midrange, and a surprisingly beefy low end. For what Paradigm was trying to do with these speakers, they succeed in spades. They certainly aren't rockers, don't expect to get kicked out of your apartment with these. Do expect to get a lot more sound than you really deserve for the $200 you plunk down to take these home. Highly recommended.
What the heck is this guy using these for you ask. Well here: I listen to just about every kind of music you can think of but especially ambient, jazz, rock, metal, techno, trip-hop, classical, punk... Like I said, I have been using these as surrounds in an HT system in which they are regularly abused with action movies, kissed with drama, and more or less forced to do whatever the heck I tell them to. I've had tjem for something like 7 years and they have been great to me without fail.

Associated gear
Yamaha RX-V800 receiver
Sony CDP-XA20ES CD Player
Sony DVP_S530D DVD player
Stinger 12AWG speaker wire

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