Review: Outlaw 950 Preamplifier

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To start i never did a reveiw before but i will try my best! My musical tastes are classic rock and roll, and some metal bands, however i listen to all types of music but i am more of a home theater listener! I like nice clear undistorted sound at high volume levels, as you can probably tell i like it a little on the bright side sinse i like rock and roll to enphasize the guitar more, especially sinse i have Klipsch speakers and the Outlaw pre amp and 750 amplifier which is made by ati bright equipment and speakers! What i disslike the most is HISS and any type of distortion! I have owned this piece for 6 months now which replaced my pioneer receiver VSX45TX. When i changed from the receiver to this pre amp it made a huge change!!! I thought that there was no way this pre amp could beat the Pioneer receiver especially with the pioneers auto calibration! I was in for a huge surprise at the sound difference between going from a receiver to a pre amp! The sound stage blew wide open and very defined! I herd all kinds of improvements in everything i used to listen to, hearing things i couldn't hear quite as good before! The biggest difference was in listening to music! I really didn't listen to too much music on my Pioneer receiver before but now with this Outlaw i find myself starting to listen to my music about as much as i watch my home theater now. I found this Outlaw pre amp to have exelent sound! I was able to have a Rotel 1060 pre amp for about a month before i got this Outlaw 950 and i felt it sounds everybit as good as the Rotel and the Rotel cost $300.00 to $400.00 more! The Outlaw 950 pre amp in my opinion is definatally the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK HANDS DOWN!! The only thing i can say i do not like about the Outlaw pre amp is that it has a big noise floor, it is a little bit hissy at low volume. I cannot hear the hiss at high volume unless there is no sound coming from the speakers. This is also after the hiss fix! It could also be because i have Klipsch speakers which are bright and the combo from those and the bright amplifier from Outlaw, the 750 which is made by Ati. Hovever if money was no object and i am sure everyone would agree there is a whole lot better out there, but on a low budget you really cannot go wrong with the Outlaw 950 pre amp! I highly reccomend it!

Associated gear
Outlaw 750 amplifier 165 x 5, Nad 150 x 2 amplifier, Dennon 1600 dvd player, Klipsch RC7 center channel speakers in maple for the three front speakers, klipsch Rb5 for the four rear speakers also in maple, Toshiba 16 x 9 HD tv, silver interconnects and wireing which are not the ones in the picture the picture is old, and for the sub SVS 20-39PC+, which in my opinion is better than the 18" valodine at only $800.00!!!!

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I agree with you on the outlaw pre, For someone who is looking to get a lot of value on a budget I think all their stuff is great and would make a nice hometheater for anyone who wants to keep the costs with in reason.