Review on Coda Technologies 16 Amplifier went live today

Just wanted to inform the individuals that have shown interest in reading the full review on Stereo Times website, not just the comments on the on-going thread about the 16 amplifier, that it was posted this morning.  It gets into the details why this is a spectacular piece regarding performance, build quality, and it's very reasonable price for what you get for your money.




i have not tried any other Van Alstine amps. I bought that one from David Janszen

@lancelock how do u park the Coda 16 ? Move it around? It seems like it is a monster size/weight wise.

Well, the question is moot cause the X250.5 weighs 110#.  I should be able to handle it.  Now, the price tag....

@jaymark the #16 is not big at all. I was really surprised at how small it actually is. It is bigger than the #8 but given the specs of the #16 I thought it would be much bigger.