Review on Coda Technologies 16 Amplifier went live today

Just wanted to inform the individuals that have shown interest in reading the full review on Stereo Times website, not just the comments on the on-going thread about the 16 amplifier, that it was posted this morning.  It gets into the details why this is a spectacular piece regarding performance, build quality, and it's very reasonable price for what you get for your money.


@zlone From what other owner’s have told me about the Holo Audio Serene and also from the measurements. It seems to me very similar to the Benchmark LA4. I have been told the Serene has a touch more warmth.

I can tell you that the LA4 and the CODA #8 were amazing together. I spent a year flipping back and forth between the Benchmark AHB2, Benchmark LA4, CODA #8, and CODA 07x. That is, I used them in various permutations. All combinations of the gear matched so nicely to my ears. I got rid of some of the gear because I thought it was a little to crazy to do this. I only sold the CODA #8 (reluctantly) because I wanted to buy the RAAL VM-1a headphone amp. In hindsight it was a great move.

I also owned the Schitt Freya+ for a few months and I was very happy to find it pairing nicely with my RAAL SR1a headphones and the Benchmark AHB2. I had a tough time making the AHB2 work with the RAAL SR1a, even though the SR1a designer used the AHB2 when developing it. The Freya+ was a great tone control to the bright SR1a and neutral AHB2.

Today, I am using the LA4 and AHB2 monos with the SR1a headphone (on my 2-channel) setup. I cannot believe it works because it was awful before. However, this time I am using the Musetec 005 DAC which seems to be the magic sauce that holds it together. The Musetec 005 is not good with my RAAL VM-1a headphone amp (surprising).

The Blades are a decade+ in the making for me. Either no space, no money, or new baby.




@smodtactical There is a dealer in Winnipeg that sells CODA. I have spoken with him in the past and he maybe willing to send you a demo 07x. 

I was not able to quickly find his contact info in my emails or a search of ad's on USAM. CODA can get you his info and other Canadian dealers.



SS Amp’s I’ve owned:


Coda #16 (current amp)

Coda #8

Benchmark AHB2

Van Alstine AVA FET400

Plinius SA103

Mirror Image Audio 1.1 SB

Musical Fidelity M6PRX

AGD Audion’s