Review on Bricasti Design M3 DAC

My review was just posted on Stereo Times website on the Bricasti Design M3 DAC. If you are searching for a DAC/streamer/analog volume control DAC, no preamp needed with the M3, in the price range of $5,000, you might want to get the details of why you might want to audition this piece. It's superlative in both build quality, innovative design, and most importantly in it's beautiful musical performance.
I own the Bricasti M3 with the Ethernet option. Worth getting the Ethernet upgrade, at time of purchase so you don’t have to ship the M3 back for the upgrade. Very sweet sounding DAC.
You don’t need to connect it to Ethernet to use SPDIF, AES/EBU, or USB.

i use Roon on my iPad.  I have a Bricasti M5 streamer I’m selling since getting the M3 with the streamer option.  I have A/B tested the M3 streaming via Ethernet and the M5 streaming connected to the M3 USB port using Roon in group mode.  Couldn’t tell the streamers apart.

If one doesn't use Roon, how else can it control network streaming through the built-in streamer?

Any opinions on the headphone amplifier version?
you don’t need Roon to enjoy the M3; if u get the version with Ethernet, all you need is iPad or iPhone plus the MConnect app; in this MConnect app you configure Qobuz or Tidal or both , find your favorites then press play. Doesn’t get any easier or cleaner than that!
Regarding MQA, it is a combination of equalization and lossy compression. That some high-end manufacturers have resisted the pressure to sell it is not surprising.
I think the M3 is new enough that it ships w/ the new MDx board, but has any M1/SE owners upgraded to the MDx yet? I would love to hear some impressions of 1.49 or 1.51 firmware owners who've upgraded to MDx. Thanks.