Review on AricAudio Motherlode MKII preamplifier

The Stereo Times review on the AricAudio Motherlode MKII preamplifier just went live on the website this morning. I have received numerous inquires regarding this review after posting a thread regarding how superlative Aric’s new reference preamplifier in it’s performance across all sonic parameters. The ML MKII will compete with any line-stage, regardless of price, and I purchased it to use it in my different systems. For the details, regarding my conclusions, take a look at the review. I also put it on the Stereo Times list for "2020 Most recommended components of the year".

Enjoy !    I am all for independent amp builders.    You get a lot for your money. 

The Motherlode delivers! I can say with confidence that a preamp cull is in your future, as you will not want to take it out of rotation. 

@rocray I hope that I love it! @laaudionut I have been listening to my system and it sounds great. But like a true audiophile or audiophool, I am chasing even better sonics. Go figure.

@jaymark : Which caps are being offered for the upgrade? Did you ask about transformer upgrades as well? Thanks. Jeff