Review: Ohm Acoustics Walsh sat Speaker

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Ohm Walsh Mini's

The single most satisfying speaker I heard in its catgegory, and better than many larger ones as well.Over 40 years I have auditioned hundred of speakers, owned almost 50 for both main listening room and office use, and the Ohm Walsh mini just does more right. Remarkable overall balance, bass within its range is real, not just bass sound, clear, smooth highs, turn up the volume a bit and a very large presence snd sound stage.Using Peachtree Nova,and basic cables. Very good craftmanship, small foot print.
Many people have said its all about the music, but too often we fixate on the equipment because the sound is not quite right. I had absolutely pure sound from 5' tall Piegas I had a few years ago, astonishing sound, but not like any real music I've heard.Shahinians Arc's had great presence but poor balance. And so on.
The Ohm minis do let me enjoy the music-finially,now I have to wonder what the big ones sound like.
The minis were more than i wanted to spend for my office, but its where I spend most of my time. So with a 120 trial I figured I had plenty of time to decide- it only took a few days.

Thanks for taking the time out to post your thoughts. Are the Walsh Sat speakers you are talking about the Microwalsh speakers in these pictures?


MicroWalsh Wall

About how far apart are the Walsh speakers you have? Also how far are they from your listening position? I'm considering Ohm Walsh Micro Talls or Micro speakers for nearfield listening in a second system.

Thanks, Richard1999 for that. I have a Nova and am looking at the Ohms. How big is your room and how far away from the speakers are you?