Review of the VPI TNT HR-X in TAS....

I just finished reading the fabulous review of this table in TAS by Tony Cordesman! He really LOVED it. However, he mentioned 3 minor items, but one has me a bit concerned as I am really an non-tech person. He mentions somthing about inflatable air bags that can leak over time which can affect the leveling of the table. Oh my..that's all I need to hear!! Something to keep on tweaking!! Can anyone out there with this table, or knowledge of it, give me the low down on this concern? I know I can call up VPI, but I'd like to hear from you all.
Last year Harry Weisfeld mentioned there will be a new valveless air bladder which will supposedly never need to be re-filled. Call VPI for further information.
Are those valveless bladders only for VPI? I keep getting these embarassing leaks!
The inflatable air bags are effective in improving the vibration isolation of the turntable, but they are a real pain to re-inflate. Fortunately, they hold their air for a few months after inflation, and their rate of deflation is about the same so you don't have to really worry about the table becoming tilted.

The hard part is re-inflating them. They don't hold a lot of air, so when you undo the hose clamp, that little hiss of escaping air often means enough air has escaped that the bladder is back down on its collar. So you would have to try again and hope that you can pull the clamp off fast enough to avoid losing pressure. Times four. This isn't so much a tweak as a chore.

So you have maybe fifteen minutes worth of effort every few months. I can do that. Of course, nothing prevents you from listening to your records with the bladders deflated, especially if you don't have an audible vibration problem.

I hope to see the valveless bladder soon. I suppose they will be like tennis balls that don't really deflate, perhaps similar to Gingko Audio's rubber balls in its Cloud Eleven platforms.
I have owned the HR-X for just on 12 mnths now and it sounds great. Realistically you do need to once a month re-inflate some air bladders so they are all back to the same pressure. As Jameswei states does not take that long and is almost fun:). Just buy a small air pump (from a bicycle shop so it is easy to take the pump off without loosing any air) and pump them up. Use an air pressue guage and set them at 20, 25 or 30 pounds - whatever sounds best on your system.

Mike at VPI has stated that it is generally not the air bladders that leak, rather the tire valve cores - which are about 1 cent each to replace. like a car tyre thou air will always leak, but it is more noticable on the TT.

Jameswei is correct, they are working with "Ginko" - I could be wrong were a specially made bladder / squash ball will be supplied and go into each of the four towers. Mike said they would then just need to be replaced once each year. Not totally covinced on this yet, as the current air bladders gives you some flexibility re tyre pressure.

I am reading this thread with great interest as I have the TNT V and my valves are broken and aren't controllable. Anyone know how to fix them? By the way, I love the VPI table and 12.5 arm.
Try this to replace / fix your valves. Mike from VPI told me this and it works quite easily.

You need to go to an auto spares shop and buy a pack of tyre valve cores - short size to fit standard tyre valves. You also need to buy a tool ( like a mini screwdriver) that you use to unscrew and screw the valve cores. Ask at the auto shop - they will know.

When you get home, put the screw driver tool into the tire valve and fiddle around until it latches on.
unscrew the core - all the air will discharge
compare the old valve core with the new one to ensure they look the same.
screw in the new one until reasonably tight.
pump air back into the bladder
then good luck and hopefully it won't leak as quickly.

let me know how you go, cheers