Review of Tekton Pendragon-Se Loudspeaker

Hello to all I finally have over 150 hours logged on these new Tekton Pendragon-SE about the 120 hr mark with low SPL we decided to open up the volume These -SEs are now starting to open up.
I listened for detecting the crossover points hearing port noise, as we'll aberrations in the voicing-None
Sonicly these loudspeakers are a Revelation - Exceptionally well deigned and voiced. Eric hit this one out of the park my compliments. My brother and 2 friends who are casual listeners were totally draw in .
From Oldies Xmas soungs to Many rock and roll cuts all flac files on my HD. I also need to mention
The speakers are a Fantastic combination of real Earthy natural presentation
Warm in a Very natural perspective .listening to Ottmar Liebert on guitar you can here the reverb from the body if the guitar and feel the fingers sliding off the guitar strings. My brother mentioned listening to ELP
Lucky man album take pebble which was in a cave the drops of water you can clearly hear, with the echo
From the splash as the drop hits the water is better then we have heard Ever.and the drivers still have several days more to runin, the capacitors still have a solid week to fully runin.
A match made in Heaven. How could I not help to promote thesewith this much coherent in music and dynamics , Excellent front to back layering and a Huge cavernous soundstage .what started as a 6 song audition turned into a 4 hour music request.
I will say without reservation my brothers Big Pass Labs amplifier was an incredible match with
The Pendragon -SE ,one More thing the Bass at 120 hours is taught fast and and as tight as a new pair of jeans ! I have had many loudspeakers much more expensive .I can say without reservation the musicality and cohesiveness
Have no competition even at 2 times he money's. take a Maggie 3.7 give it more dynamics, and solid Bass
And it Would be close. The Tekton Pendragon SE is a rare breed and from mine and several observers
An exceptional value even against loudspeakers costing more the double there're price..
Tektons owner and designer Eric Alexander has hit this Pendragon -SE out of the park HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! P.s if any one is in or coming to the Massachustts area message me for a listen.
Is Pendragon SE same as SEAS Pendragon?
I checked the website and did not find Pendragon SE anywhere.
Yes its the same thing.
Does anyone know what is the nominal impedance of SE version? The website doesnot indicate does it safe to assume it is 8 ohm as Pendragon?
Does anyone know what is the nominal impedance of SE version? The website doesnot indicate does it safe to assume it is 8 ohm as Pendragon?
From the Blog on Tekton's site

We are excited to announce the new Seas based Pendragon. Priced at $2500 a pair with free shipping inside the continental US. Knowing the standard Pendragon can be a bit on the large size for some rooms it was intuitive to insure everyone have the option of owning a Pendragon.

The new Seas Pendragon is a modestly sized down version (40% to be exact) of the Pendragon series – with cabinet dimensions of: 50″ tall x 10″ wide and 13″ deep. We use audiophile grade dual 8″ transducers and triple ring radiator’s. The result is stunning fidelity and resolution, 95dB SPL efficiency, true 30Hz-30khz linear response, a 4 Ohm final impedance.