Review of Monster Cable Sigma 2000 Speaker Cables?

Anyone used these before?
Are they any better than the M2.2s?

Hello atzen, although the Sigma is a cable from the ancient past in nowadays 'cable of the week' society, i strongly recommend it still.
I have been using my Sigma throughout my system for years, and still wondering why i should upgrade to other cable's anyway.
The 2.2 and Retro and all wahat came after has not surpassed the class of the Sigma. some friends bought Sigma after having a loan of mine.

as for the sound of the Sigma, it has no.
The most striking thing what happens when a given system is fully dressed with the Sigma, is that there are no 'spectacularities' or; the 'more bass' 'better midrange''higher highs' variant which i see advertised here and there.
The Sigma has this strikingly neutral, lineair thing which on first hand does not have anything catchy about this cable.
we tend to seek a grip on what a certain cable does for sound, you will be underwhelmed when looking for wow's and gosh that other cables maybe do at first listen.
but when lisstened to for longer periods, the Sigma will envelop their magic in just serving the music.
i have mine for about 8 years now, and had many cables for evaluation, even up to the Kimber Black Pearl..
I'm happy to keep em still.
recommended, if you can find some buy them.
one note of caution: if the wire of an speakercable looks bent just where the wire goes into the spade , don't buy.
this may happen sometimes and ruines the sound.

other cable to consider are the Cardas Golden Ref..

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