Review of Kyra Argo cartridge

Just spent the last 4 days snowed in and listening to my new Lyra Argo cartridge. It's mounted in a Linn LP12 (1997 vintage), valhalla, trampolinn, Ekos (1 year old). It's going into a Denon AU320 transformer at 3 ohms and then into my hafler DH101/200 and LS3/5a speakers (crossed over to an ADS subwoofer). The cartridge replaces my ageing Linn Asaka which, though the stylus was not worn, was beginning to sound a little "flat" (probably the suspension ageing).

Anyway after initial setup (maximum recommended tracking force of 1.8 gm and antiskating somewhere between 2.5 and 3 gm - I'm still fine tuning that, and the VTA) the cartridge sounds wonderfull! Much more "life" than my old Asaka. Reminds me very much of the Akiva I spent a weekend listening to last year. I just couldn't justify spending $3000 on the Akiva and my dealer didn't have a Klyde to demo. Tracking is not as good as the Asaka. It mistracks on level 5 of the Shure Audio Obstacle Course Era III (all bands) and there's a trace of mistracking on a couple of bands at level 4 (sibilance and bass drum). Then again, so did the Akiva!!! Ordinarily, this wouldn't bother me but it mistracks on one of my favorite record, Dave Grusin - Discovered Again - track 2, Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow - the first LOUD bass note! Seems maybe a little better than the Akiva fared on this track, but not much. The Argo is also MUCH more prone to footfall than the Asaka or the Akiva - I think it may have a higher compliance that it's rated 12cu.

So, at the end of the day, a less expensive alternative to the Akiva? I think so! There's definitely a family resemblance in sound between the Akiva and the Argo (the Akiva is made for Linn by Lyra). If I had the choice between the two, I'd probably pick the Akiva (three point mounting, flying leads - there's not much room for cartridge leads in the Ekos headshell, etc) but, at the price, it's the Argo.

Anybody else out there have any experience with this cartridge??? I considered the Shelter 901, Benz Micro L2, and most other ~$1200-$1500 cartridges but eventually settled on the Lyra because of the Linn/Lyra connection and the good reviews the rest of the Lyra cartridges have received.

I have the Lyra Argo mounted on an LP12/Ittok LVIII and absolutely love the sound. I had the Lyra Lydian Beta previously and fell in love with the 'Lyra' sound. The Argo is a great cartridge for the money and works very well with Linn products.
What VTF and anti-skating settings are you using and how is the tracking performance? How about sensitivity to footfalls? I have noticed surface noise appears to be a little higher with the Argo than the Asaka. How does the Argo compare to the Lydian Beta? Any noticeable differences?

I have the VTF set at 1.8 and the anti-skate set at approximately 2.3

Tracking was a very minor problem in the beginning but once I dialed in on the optimal VTF/anti-skate/overhang I've had no problems.

I have a wall mounted TT rack, never a footfall problem.

The Argo is noticeably quieter than the Lydian Beta, I believe this is due to the Argo being more closely designed to the Helikon specs.
Sounds like your experience has been very similar to my own. Did you experiment with VTA? I've seen some postings that VTA adjustments may decrease surface noise (though I'm not sure I buy/understand the rationale).