Review of High Quality AC Receptacles

Category: Miscellaneous

About a year ago I had two dedicated AC lines installed. I used two "hospital grade" receptacles I had used in another house previously. I had intended to upgrade them but did not assign it a high priority. I recently became a dealer for a company that distributes a well reviewed line of them and decided to use their products. I am not going to name them as this is not an ad for them. They are good but not unique and I think my experience will hold for other good ones as well. I had expected a possible slight improvement , I was using a hospital grade after all. The actual change was much greater than I had thought possible. The attack and decay on guitar notes was much better and detail was apparent that had been obscured even at a higher volume. Also a brightness/hardness in the treble that I had attributed to room effects was gone. All results are system dependent but before you spend a lot on conditioners try this, I think you will be surprised. The outlay is minimal for the results and there are several good ones out there.
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