Review of HGA Silver Lace cables

During the past 6-8 months, there have been a number of threads on this forum about HomeGrownAudio's interconnects, particularly the Silver Lace. "Secrets of Home Theater & Fidelity" has a review of the Silver Lace cables in their July issue. If you are interested in reading the review, go to the following link:
SD, Thanks for the info.
SD thanks to you and Trelja for bringing these great ICs to our attention. After some research I was trying to find the "mystery" reference high detail ICs that author refers to and are not listed in his associated equipment. 9 months ago this author reviewed the Marsh amp and he was using HT ProSilway II. I own PS II and have commented in the HG Silver Lace threads here before that I felt SL was as equal to PS II at less than 1/2 the price making it a performance/value champ. So I agree fully with the resullts this author has presented.

Needless to say my SL were not returned after 30 day trail.
Sdcampbell, thanks for the very interesting link post! There are so many magazines out there I can't keep up nor do I have the time. Please post other items of interest any time!
Thanks for the link to the review Sdcampbell. As usual, you prove yourself to be a prince among men. I also thank Megasam for adding his opinions. Not that I need anyone to tell me that Product X is good or bad, but he has certainly proven himself to be an expert on cable. I think that the findings of the article pretty much mirror my impressions of HomeGrown Audio in general. A great, responsive person to work through in Kevin Walsh. Offering up a product that is reference quality, at a price one step above mid-fi. I know from my experience, the cables I have tried(Super Silver and Silver Lace) were well put together, sounded as good or better than anything else I have come across, and respresented value for dollar higher than just about ANY product in audio.
I would like to give some additional insight when directly comparing HT ProSilway II (which I think was authors refernce silver IC) and HG Silver Lace. I think PS II is just "slightly" more resolving of fine detail, however the SL is slightly smoother/fuller sounding vs PS II. This just relatively speaking as both ICs are very detailed, and both are balanced and smooth sounding. I think if you have nuetral SS system you may prefer HG SL, and if you system leans towards the warm side you may prefer HT PS II. The
huge price advantage offered by HG SL may make any other considerations secondary, as SL are less than 1/2 the price
of PS II.