Review of Emotiva Processors

I am trying to decide whether to go from a high end receiver to a pre/pro system. I am strongly considering the Emotiva as a mid level unit and couple with a Rotel or outlaw amp on some KLipsches. I cannot find much on Emotiva. People are just selling them but no indication why. Also very few reviews to learn if they are any good.

You can find some feedback on these processors at emotiva (company-sponsored forums). Their current processor (UMC-1) has been VERY buggy, but SQ is reportedly good (when it works correctly).

Emo products are pretty good for the money, more geared towards HT use than musical.

However, I think they've gotten a bit in over their heads, for whatever reason, on their processors. I myself am waiting for the XMC-1 to be released, hoping the bugs will get worked out by then.

Emotiva is an OEM manufacturer for Sherbourn electronics.

If I were you, I would do the opposite of what you're proposing, Emo amps and Rotel processor. I think that Amps are just inherently simpler to engineer than processors, which Emo can use to their advantage.
My reasoning for the Emotiva pre is the price point, reported SQ, and features. I need HDMIs, USB, auto EQ, and all for under a grand. I would rather buy used but even used, pres with all these features would be a stretch.

Why go with Emco amps over Rotel? Just curious. I realize neither are really top of the line but all I can get into at this point.

I was really about to take the plunge into an Elite receiver and rather trying to decide if going to a pre/pro system on my Klipsch reference speakers will benefit me much. Thoughts?
You probably cannot find "professional" reviews of Emotiva 'cause they're a direct marketer who's not buying enough ad space to be considered for a positive review...

If you need HDMIs I'm assuming HT use - then I'd consider going w/ a reasonably feature-rich receiver as a pre and maybe Emo XPA-3 as amp (if you're focused on something Emotiva). With luck you can find something like a Yamaha 2065 for ~$900 (saw that at BestBuy last week) that has USB, network, etc. Or an Onkyo, maybe one of the (surprisingly cheap) new Pioneers, etc. - the Emotiva prepro seems to be way too buggy to pin my hopes on at this time (and SQ can be affected by buggy processing).
Because my system doubles for 2CH use and HT, SQ is a high concern. I am also trying to reduce the noise floor. My current Denon 2802 does NOT impress and I consider it's sound rather grainy and harsh. I am told just having the new auto EQ systems in the loop can fix a LOT of issues.

I was looking hard at the Elite SCs or a preamp. Some have indicated a preamp will "substantially" reduce my noise floor because the preamp and amp are now separated. Because my KLipsches are horn loaded, they tell all with noise so low noise is very important. However, I would not see to point in separates if I am going to get .01% (example) improvement over a receiver setup. I am already running my mains on a Rotel RB1090 which reduces serious demand from a receiver.
My reasoning to go for Rotel Processor and Emo amps was mainly to avoid the bugs of their UMC-1.

Instead of buying used Rotel amps and a new Emo Processor, I would rather buy new Emo amps and a used Rotel processor. Purely price point based logic. Most forum reviews I've read haven't really stated much of a difference between the SQ of these two amplifiers.

You probably won't get a decent Rotel processor for $700 like the UMC-1, but could get away with maybe $1,200 for one with updated features.
I just got the UMC-1/UPA-7 from an Onkyo TX SR906. Moved the 906 to the bedroom and the UMC-1 and UPA-7 will go into the family room.
Though the UMC-1 was a bit buggy at first, Emotiva has put out a few updates that have corrected the issues. What is unbelieveable is that through the forum, owners have requested additional features(like all channel stereo) that have been added as a feature AFTER the design of the unit through software updates.
Big difference between the Onkyo and the Emotiva operation is the POWER!
There are a few reviews from HT reviewers on the Emotiva website. Check it out.
IMHO, the build quality is excellent and it sounds great for SS. But not like my COnrad JOhnson 2 channel tube gear though.
Hope this helps.
Yeah as much as I know about the differences between what you get from a stand-alone AV pre/pro vs using an AV receiver as the pre/pro -mated with outboard amplification - I would much rather opt NOT to have do deal with faulty product with glitches, personally. In fact, I can't imagine most would agree with me on this stance.
While you traditionally haven't gotten the dynamics, power, channel separation, and refinement from using AV receivers vs separates based systems,the difference in what you'll get using a good quality, fully featured AV receiver as you're pre/pro, mated to outboard amps, is not going to be so great, really.
I think using some HK, Yamaha, Denon, or Pioneer as your pre would still likely give you pretty nice results for your application, even using the pass through feature to some used 2 channel stereo pre for 2 channel dubties, if you must.
Basically, I don't think I'm going to opt fot the UMC-1 in it's pressent state. Like others said, maybe the XMC-1 will be better. If it is much improved ergonomics and functionality, I'll probably jump on it as well. Otherwise, I'm quite affraid of the UMC-1 issues.
In my experience, finding an affordable, used processor that will pass HDMI, upconvert/upscale analog video, and decode high-def audio formats is a myth for under $900 or so. I didn't want a processor that did not have HDMI 1.3; I don't want to buy the ICs going from my blu-ray player's pre-outs to the processor, then from the processor to the amp.
Before I broke down and bought my Denon 3310, I was crawling the internet looking for the most affordable unit that would decode high-definition audio through HDMI and had at least 5.1 pre-outs. I found the Yamaha RX-V665, it has 7.2 channel pre-outs and it is $549. I seriously considered buying a 5 channel amp from another Agon'r (Emotiva Audio UPA-5 for $500 today looks good) and mating it up with the Yami. It has an on-screen GUI, room correction, it upscales and upconverts analog video to HDMI 1080p. In the end I decided to go with the Denon, mostly b/c I was a bit concerned about the Yami's proprietary room correction, and the Denon had some features I wanted, like the internal HD radio tuner. For the same price (+/- $1000), I am sure the Yami/Emotiva combo would sound better than the Denon I bought, better amplification. My Denon does not impress for 2-channel listening, and I am on the hunt for a 2-channel amp for the fronts.
Don't forget about the ICs to the amp in a HT system - entry level Audioquest @1m would have cost $140, not including the sub cable, for my 5.1 system.