Review of Cambre timbre rack

Category: Accessories

I recently purchased this 4-shelf rack for $315 shipped, and thought posting my impressions might help those looking for a rack in this price category. If you can afford to go a bit higher in price, I've seen some Mapleshade Sampsons(used) going for $400-800, and some other nice racks. But if you a limited financially, I think this rack offers something more than just a place to put your equipment. Note: I've seen some Cambre Core racks-which should be even better-for $310(local pick-up) and $465(plus shipping?). The main difference between the Core and Timbre is that the Core used solid aluminum rods rather than the Timbre's hollow aluminum. I think the Timbre's use of grooves on the underside of their shelves put them a step above most shelving in this price category. A nice bonus was that my half-inch Adona brass footers screw right into the bottom of this rack. There is some wire management ability using cardboard on the back of the rack. No need to have wires touching each other here. I should mention that all my equipment on this rack is/was further isolated by Mapleshade maple with rubber/cork/rubber footers, Bright Star Audio prototype reference 3, DIY teak-myrtlewood-isonode, and upside-down Adona brass footers. My listening impressions versus an Ikea lack table, a sharing of Maplewood by different components, and a floor placement of my BSA/Apl Denon 3910 transport was a bit more stable sound. Maybe there was more information coming through(I did some slight speaker movement, also.). The middle of the soundstage might be more fleshed out. Now that I've had this rack up and running for a few weeks, I really like the sound. Maybe it takes a little while to settle in? All-in-all, I think this rack is a bargain. Keep an eye out for it, and the Core. I defintely consider it audiophile equipment.
I forgot to mention a few things. This rack is easy to assemble(I was not in a hurry.). The spacing between shelves is 9 inches. The shelves are beveled(for sound reasons). I did not try out cd yet, because I'm trying to keep my system the system the same for an amplifier audition. My source was Linn Sondek, Ekos, nude Arkiv, Lingo, and Mana reference table.
EdenSound has a myrtle rack(with solid brass rods, I believe)for sale in the high $300's. Shipping is probably extra. They advertise this on Audiogon from time to time, but I think it is always in stock.
Do you have a link for the Cambre racks? As they do not sell them on their web.
I believe they only list their Core racks on their site. Audiogon, and maybe ebay list their Entre' racks on closeout($89 plus shipping for a 5-shelf-they have a few other types of Entre' also). Parker King, who seems nice, is handling these. These are their entry-level racks, and I believe the main difference is that the Entre' uses MDF with no grooves cut into the bottom(the 5-shelf has only 9 inches between shelfs.); the Timbre' has the grooves cut on the underside of the shelves; the Core has the grooves also, but uses solid aluminum(or titanium-at a price)for the rods. The Adona small brass cones(bought from Adona)screw right in. I believe that you still need more isolation(?), which wasn't a problem for me(You ought to hear the difference Mapleshade's triplepoint brass cones with their 2-inch maple and rubber/cork/rubber footers makes to the Linn Lingo 1-sitting on top of the Timbre' rack.)
I assembled the Cambre Entre' unit and filled the hollow aluminum tubing with SAND. I think that this should be even more inert than the solid tubing offered on the costlier models. Easy to do and cheap, or free if you live on the beach.
I agree that additional isolation helps, whatever the material and method.
I have been very pleased with the performance. For $89 this replaced and outperformed a $1200 all metal Atlantis rack.