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Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
September 2015 issue

The NVA LS2 loudspeaker cable is available from the Nene Valley Audio Ebay web store. A 3 meter stereo pair sells for around $43 plus shipping from the United Kingdom. The cable boasts seven solid cores run in parallel within PVC sleeving.
They also offer a trade-up policy if you are so inclined to purchase their more expensive offerings at a later date. I chose to review the LS2 speaker cable after having very good results connected to my Qinpu tube amp. The cables can have a tendency to sound thin, so i would recommend careful system matching. Overall i was impressed with the accuracy, good tone and organic sound abilities.

Reference Discs:

1. The very best of the Rolling Stones, 1964 - 1971
2. Sonny Rollins, Now's The Time! Rca original album classics, 5 cd set
3. Genesis, Trespass

While listening to the Rolling Stones song,"She's a rainbow", i noticed a very colorful sounding piano. Jaggers' voice had excellent vocal neutrality! The violins have a little bit of a sweet sound to them. "Sympathy for the devil", showed off the excellent organic abilities of the NVA cable. The sound was very natural! The highs were fairly clean, but i would have liked a little "crisper" sound. The guitar had a very nice "twangy" sound. Background singing was clean and clear.

The Sonny Rollins box set comes highly recommended. The recording quality is very good and the music is excellent.
On track number 4 from "Now's the time", i noted a very nice saxophone reproduction with good tonal color and a slight golden hue. The highs were clean, but lacking a little extension. Background detail was clear, at times you can hear the musicians grunting in the background.

I liked the way the percussion sounds on track number 5, from the Genesis cd. This song has a rather mellow sound to it. The sound was a little bit "airy". I noticed a slight refinement to the sound. Vocal expression was very good. There was a pretty good sense of depth to the sound. On the following track , "The Knife", the bass drum had a big organic sound. Bass lines were fairly tight.

Overall, i am pretty happy with the NVA speaker cable. I would have liked a little thicker, heavier sound with better
treble extension, but other than that they are really nice, especially for jazz music. I would probably recommend that they be used with tube amps , or a system that is a polar opposite of a lean sounding system.

Associated gear
Qinpu A-6000 MKII GE tubes
Jefferson Memorial t-amp stand
NVA Soundcord interconnect
Ixos digital interconnect
Musical Fidelity V90-DAC
Denon DVD-1920
Paradigm Atom V3 speakers
Atacama speaker stands

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