Review: Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker cable

Category: Cables

I think these cables are the Best investment I have made in my stereo in the past year. I have upgraded speakers and amplifiers to find a minimal difference, however these cables are noticeable right out of the box. The highs and super lows are clearly defined as I have not heard before. The range that was opened up with these cables I have never experienced even with much more expensive cables, that I have tried. I would suggest these cables to anyone for the price, the only thing you must be careful of is kinking and bending. Aside from that for an instant improvement go check them out.

Associated gear
copland amp
copland cd player
B&W nautilus 804
I like them very much too but, as some Audiogoners would agree with, they are a little thin in the lower mids and over time they do not serve the music (in my system).

They are wonderfully extended in the highs and lows and very detailed and nuanced as you have noted.
The Blue Heavens have been in an on and off service for the past five years! In a particular system they sound a bit bright, and in another they sound excellent- just a bit light in the bass department. But overall they are excellent value for money, and sound very exciting. Now I must save for the SPMs.
I use the Blue Heavens to bi-wire a pair of Sonus faber Concerto Grand Piano speakers in my main two-channel system. I think they are extremely transparent and will show up associated equipment, warts and all. They are slightly leaner in the low frequencies, but much faster than my previous cables (Yamamura Churchill, vdH). From the lower mid-range up, though, I think they are hard to beat for the price.

Rest of the system comprises a Krell KPS-20i player and Krell KAV-250p/KAV-150a pre-power, connected with Blue Heaven balanced XLR interconnects.