Review: Nobsound TPA3116 amp / Napa Acoustics NA-208S speakers / Audtek DC3 RCA cable

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
March 2020 Issue

Nobsound TPA3116 / Napa Acoustics NA-208S speakers / Audtek Electronics DC3 Rca cable

Today i will be reviewing a small compact system that proves you can put together a good sounding system for small spaces without spending a lot of money. I have three new components i would like to introduce that offer excellent value for the money. 

First up is the wonderful and super small Nobsound TPA3116 100 watt x 2 mini amp. Per the Amazon website this amp adds a NE5532 op amp pre level and uses a Vima MKP10 input capacitor which is said to give it richer harmonics. Price is $45. I love this amp. Everything about it. This is the amp i would recommend to my friends who are looking for something small that will sound as good as a full size amp. 

The Napa Acoustics speakers come in a black piano lacquer finish. They include a 4 inch woofer and a 3/4 inch tweeter. The frequency response is listed as 55hz to 20khz. They measure 9.5 inches high, 5 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep. The speakers are somewhat lightweight for the size, but they are finished beautifully. Price is $199 a pair. These speakers are an excellent companion to the Nobsound amp. 

My new favorite inexpensive interconnect is the Audtek Electronics DC3 rca stereo cable sold through Parts Express for $6. If you don't believe cables make much difference, and you don't want to spend big dollars on cables, than this is the go-to buy for the everyday audiophile and music lover. 

I recently discovered a website called where i have been purchasing cd's from. This is an excellent store for finding obscure cd's and movies at discount prices. The one i will be listening to today is a double album cd by Lonnie Liston Smith, Dreams Of Tomorrow and Silhouettes. Track number 5, "Never Too Late", demonstrated that although this system is small the sound is not. The bass was very nice, having a little bit of a "whack" sound to it. Vocals were clear and highs were crisp. I felt like i was listening to a $400 full size amplifier. Skipping to track number 12, "Summer Afternoon", i noticed very good dynamics. I think i even heard a little of that richer harmonics that the manufacturer was talking about.

All three of these components are safe bets for the space constrained audiophile on a budget. The build quality is excellent and so is the performance. The Nobsound amp gave me a new found appreciation for what designers can accomplish with limited cost and size. The Napa Acoustics speakers are beautifully finished and they seem to get better with more soundstage insight when used with higher end electronics. The Audtek interconnects are perfect for people who want excellent sound without paying big bucks for boutique brands. This is the kind of stereo gear i can get excited about. 

Associated Equipment

Audioquest Type 2 speaker cables
Jefferson Memorial T-amp stand
Supra Power strip
Audiomagic Xstream power cord
Acrolink diy power cord
Target speaker stands
Onkyo DV-SP405 DVD player