Review : Nobsound 24 volt 6 amp audiophile power supply upgrade FX-Audio FX202A Follow-up

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
December 2020 Follow-up issue

If you are currently using a mini class D amp you can upgrade the power supply for even better sound. I found a 24 volt 6 amp audiophile quality power supply at the Nobsound Ebay store for $30. This is used as a replacement for the usually poor quality power supplies that are included with class D amps. Some of these mini amps don't even include power supplies when you purchase them. In this situation the Nobsound upgrade power supply would be very feasible, as a regular power supply could sell for at least $20. If you look at the pictures in the description , they show you the differences between the inside circuitry of the upgraded power supply versus a regular power supply. The Nobsound power supply has much better build quality and this is reflected in the improved sound quality. 

Let's go ahead and take a look at the product description to see what the actual circuitry is made up of. The power supply adopts high-end components to ensure large power transmission , high efficiency and energy saving. There are several built-in filter capacitors with stronger anti-interference and more stable power supply. It uses pure copper large power transformer, high grade magnetic core , with high temperature resistant copper enameled wire. A glass fiber board is used for safety and durability.

I installed the Nobsound upgrade power supply into the same system that i reviewed using the FX-Audio FX202A 
amp and i noticed the following improvements: Please note that my previous power supply had a 12 volt rating and the Nobsound is rated at 24 volts. 

More power
More detail 
Bigger sound
Better imaging
More musicality 
Richer and more expressive vocals
Better frequency response
Slightly cleaner with better definition
Improved accuracy

If you are looking to coax better sound out of your class D amp, the Nobsound power supply is a wonderful option. For only a few dollars more than a regular power supply you are getting much better build quality and a noticeable improvement in sound quality. Recommended, but make sure your amp is compatible with a 24 volt power supply. 
Remember the acclaimed $20 T-amp from about 10 years ago? It ran on  a bunch of AA batteries or a wall wart. I added a 13V 5amp linear power supply with great results.
If you think you are getting "audiophile quality" anything, essentially retail for $30, you are fooling yourself.

The pictures look impressive to someone no familiar with the technology, with the beautiful black PCB, and those big finned heat sinks, and the clean look on the back of the PCB.  It is smoke and mirrors.

  • Their are no AC EMI components on the so-called "upgraded" power supply!!!   There is no chance this would pass FCC\CE requirements and it will create a noisy mess on your AC.  On the other hand, the so called cheap power supply has some proper EMI components.
  • Those finned heat sinks are useless. Finned heatsinks don't work in a sealed environment. They are no better than flat metal. On the other hand, the so called cheap power supply has large flat metal heat sinks that will be as close to the case walls as possible. That is going to work far better than the so called upgrade.
  • The so called upgrade has no components on the back on the PCB. The so called cheap unit has components on the back of the PCB, which provides a shorter thermal path to keep components cooler, and they make use of solder to increase the conductivity of current carrying traces.
  • I can't find a MOV to protect the so called upgraded power supply. I can see one on the so called cheap one.

Looking at these two, the "cheap" supply looks like it was made by someone who has a clue what they are doing.  The upgrade looks like it was made by a hack.
I think i detect a note of jealousy. Maybe you should join the audiophile camp that subscribes to the notion that it is the sound that ultimately matters. 

You got taken. You know have a nasty, electrically noisy, poorly designed power supply, but as opposed to admitting your mistake, you are trying to turn it around. There is nothing "quality" about what you bought, but if the power of suggestion makes you think it sounds better, well then more power to you.