Review: Naim Audio CD-5 CD Player

Category: Digital

I listen to mostly to rock and blues based music;also class-
ical and jazz. It think many so called 'high end'components
merely imitate a musical experience;but the great ones simp-
ly give you the music;live,open,and effortless.The Naim CD-5 is just such a piece! It just gets out of the way and lets you experience all the music more intimately than you thought possible!I have had many fine players in my listen-ing room; most recently the Classe CDP-1 and the Conrad John
son DV2-B;and after only a few months with the CD-5,i have rediscovered my cd collection!Whether it's the thunder and scale of Mahler's Eighth,the speed and snap of Ronnie Earl's
strat,or John Renbourn's lightest finger cymbal;this little
'Brit'just rolls alng while you forget the system and love
the music!Some might say the manual drawer is a negative;
but it makes i sound better,so get over it.And as for money-
no-object?Ya that's fair;there are some real heavy hitters
out there,a couple from the same company,(Naim); but from
about five thousand and under,this is the real deal!

Associated gear
Naim NAC112 Preamp,Naim NAP150 Pwramp,
Naim FlatcapII Pwr supply,Classe CAP50
Pre.and CA201 Pwr.Conrad Johnson PV-12
Pre.and MF2250 Pwr.amp

Similar products
CD Players compared; Classe CDP 1.5,Con-
rad Johnson DV2-B,Linn Genki,and Arcam,
Marantz, and Sony of similar pricepoint.
What cable are you using from the naim to your pre? That is the weakest link in my rig. I have recently replaced my preamp with a BAT VK-5SE which is all balanced. i am using the soso chord din to rca (seems to be the best cable naim dealers have on hand) and then, get this, a neutrik rca to xlr adapter in order to get the naim to talk to the bat. I am convinced that this prevents me from really getting to know the sound of the naim player.
I believe Nordost makes a din to rca/balanced cable for Naim CD player users. Call the Cable Company ( 1-800- FATWYRE) to see if they have a demo pair.

Im enjoying my CD5 as well. Thinking about adding a Hicap later on.
Naim certainly makes gear that you can settle down with.
Another happy Naim CD-5 owner. Nait 5 amp and Thiel CS 1.6 speakers and the sound is absolutely spellbinding. Breathtaking on vocals, especially soul and opera.