Review: NAD M55 Video

Category: Home Theater

My musical tastes are rather broad. I like popmusic, early as well as recent, film soundtracks, some classical, smooth jazz, new age. The most important aspect of music is the emotions that comes with it. The worst thing a system could do is stuff it full with flickering lights, moving soundbars and a lot of knobs. A basic, functional design I like the most. The NAD M55 has been in my system for almost 2 years now and I bought it to replace an upgraded Sony (SA)CD, DVD-video/audio player. After this upgrade, the most audible thing was a more punchy sound and more involvement in the music I played. The design of the NAD M55 looks good and rigid, though it is not the most basic design, but i like it. Sound quality of CD's has improved a lot compared to the upgraded Sony player (upgraded by Van Medevoort in Holland). The weaknesses I foud were the noise it makes before playing a disc and the somewhat simple interface with minor errors. E.G, I configured an English menu, but when pressing the menu command of a dvd-video the player shows a Spanish (?!) command on my screen: "Menu de la ruez". That's a bit sloppy I think. The DVD-video output through HDMI (upscaling to 1080p) is very good. SACD-surround and film soundtracks sound also very good. I have a 5.0 surround system (no subwoofer) and i don't feel the need to add a subwoofer to my system. The surround-experience is very good with my Marantz receiver. At louder sound levels,the music still sounds detailed and focussed with more than enough low frequencies, which is mainly important with films.

Associated gear
Master Three Monitor speakers (Dutch)., Marantz 8200 Surround Receiver. Pioneer BDP-320 Blu Ray player, Pioneer Kuro 50 inch TV.
Nice review. I had the NAD M55 and have to say you are very accurate in many ways, I loved the sound for CD audio detailed with good imaging and as you described punchy, and 5.0 playback of movies was great very dynamic and video output was very good. You hit it on the head with regards to the finer details, many errors in the lacking manual. The only other concerns I had on occasion audio CD's would just pause for a second or two then continue, and I found it very difficult to read the display from my seating position of 12 feet away as to were I could read my other components displays. Is your display readable from 12feet?