Review: NAD 5100 CD Player

Category: Digital

I like the color of the sound which is a bit on the warm side. The sound stage is pretty deep. Significantly better than most of the under $500 Japanese stuff out there. The headphone out is nice and powerful. You might want to consider sony DVPNS-500v for $169 from Some reviewers said comparable to NAD 541. A better one at about the same price point might be It looks like traditional NAD, and is a warm dynamic sounding CD player in midfi.

Associated gear
Onkyo 506r pre and power amp
Tannoy pbm8 speaker

Recently bought a NAD 5100 monitor series cd player, with a replacement remote control. I have an NAD 302 amp with no remote control. Thing is, I would have liked to use the variable output line out, but I can't influence the volume
with the replacement remote.
Do you know the item number of the official remote and could you maybe mail me a photo of it?

hope to hear from you soon,