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The NAD 4080 was one of the genesis products of 1978 from the fledgling New Acoustic Dimensions,later to become known as NAD. The 4080 Tuner was the companion piece to the 3080 Integrated Amplifier. Produced only in 1978 and remains quite rare today.

The NAD 4080 is a full featured AM/FM Stereo Tuner with outstanding sonic signature. Compares and competes with the best of the tuners from Kenwood,Pioneer,Yamaha,Marantz and the like of that era. Very agile performer.

Front Panel Controls:

1. Power Switch
2. Selector FM/FM Mono/AM/Calibration
3. Mulitpath
4. Dolby FM Equalization
5. Muting 1
6. Muting 2
7. MPX Noise Filter
8. Output
9. Tuning Knob
10.Tuning Dial
11.LED Indicators
12.Tuning Meter
13.Signal/Multipath Meter

Back Panel:

1. AM Antenna
2. FM Antenna 300 ohm or 75 ohm
3. FM Deemphasis
4. Outputs fixed or variable
5. Detector outputs/external oscilloscope
6. Adapter Outputs - Dolby Decoder
7. Power Cord

Clearly NAD put a lot into this tuner and it shows admirably and its performance is just remarkable for a tuner produced in 1978. In my opinion it can compete with any tuner made today and sound vastly better than most of todays offerings, including those from NAD. Had a NAD C420 recently and the venerable NAD 4080 just blows it away in all categories. Considerably more musical. My Yamaha T 1 tuner specs better, but just does not have the musicality of the NAD 4080.

The Specs are:

FM Tuner Section:

Input Sensitivity 30 dB quieting 1.8uV/10.3dBf
Input Sensitivity 50 dB S/N Stereo 35uV/36.1 dBf
Signal to Noise Ratio Mono/Stereo 74dB/70dB
De-emphasis Accuracy re 75u.sec +/- 0.3 dB
Frequency Response 30 - 15 kHz +/- 0.5 dB
Channel Separation at 1kHz - 40dB
Selectivity,alternate channel - 70dB
AM Supression at 45 & 65 dBf - 65dB
Capture Ratio at 45 & 65 dBf - 1.0dB
Image Rejection - 70dB
I.F. Rejection - 80dB
SCA Rejection - 70dB
Pilot Signal Suppression - 55dB
THD at 100% Modulation Mono/Stereo 0.2%/0.3%

AM Tuner Section:

Usable sensitivity - 300uV
Selectivity - 30dB
Image Rejection - 55 dB
I.F. Rejection - 45dB


Width x Height 19.3 x 5.9 x 14 inches
Net Weight 20 Pounds.
Power Consumption 110-120 V 60Hz.

The NAD 4080 pulls in weak stations with ease and locks on perfectly. The multipath meter is a joy to use and is very helpful in antenna adjustment. The two muting selections are another nice feature. Muting One allows very weak stations to be received while eliminating most of interstation hiss. While Muting Two is more selective preventing weaker FM Stations.

Finally a useful and workable MPX Filter. Does not affect frequency range,only degree of channel separation between left and right. Very nice touch there.

Build quality is first rate and all controls have that solid decisive feel. Nothing flimsy here. Actual glass not cheap plastic covers the dial. Led Indicators show FM Stereo,FM,AM,Multipath,Muting,Dolby FM, nice feature one look at the LEDs and you know what function you are in.

The Signal/Multipath and Station Centering Meters are well lighted and perform their function easily. Sensitive enough to be actually useful.

NAD clearly did their homework on this one and produced a tuner that avoided the problems of the past and added truly useful features, that other manufacturers clearly omitted in order to meet a price point.

True the NAD 4080 is not a great beauty from a cosmetic point of view. But just one listen will convince you the quality was put inside. Just a joy to use and listen to day in day out.

For the DXers among us I cannot provide additional information. The NAD 4080 is connceted to a Terk FM inside antenna. Even with this limitation the NAD 4080 is a remarkable performer.

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Hi Ferrari. Just yesterday I bought a 4080 at the local Thrift Town Store for $15.99 + tax. The review you posted to the web seems to be the only info I could find so this must be a very rare component. The serial numb is 4806878. More info to follow. Thanks for the most need specs and info.