Review: NAD 2100 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

I listen to a variety of music from classical to jazz to some rock and on to some electronic dance music (house, trance etc.) I like music to sound natural without harsh or overwhelming aspects that are disturbing while listening and sinking deeper into the music. Essentially sound must be involving and have wide soundstage good depth a percieveable holographic effect from the two stereo channels. I am immediately turned off by anything sounding harsh, boomy or muddy.

I purchased the 2100 seccond hand from the original owner a few months back and to say the least I am very pleased with it. After a little bit of clean-up and some TLC the unit looks very respectable and build quality is very solid. The sound is excellent and the 50w per channel is enough to drive 8 or 4 ohm speakers with ease pending that they be of reasonable sensitivity.

Strengths are good NAD sound quality, I have come to expect a respectable level of performance from NAD components and they do deliver. I am in no way dissapointed with this unit for the $140 shipped, I am delighted to have it join my every growing collection of audio equipment.

Weaknesses are few if any, or better said that in my use I have not felt that the unit could use any added features or do anything differently.

If money was no object I would keep it for a seccondary or tirshiary system for a guest room or something of that ilk. I dont plan on parting with this unit any time soon.

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