Review: N H T Super One Monitor

Category: Speakers

I have had these superones close to when they were first introduced, probably 1996-97 period. I first used them exclusively as a part of a 2-channel, music only set-up and have since incorporated them into a small Home Theater setup as the main LR speakers.

If you like the monitor classification of speakers, then these Superones will not disappoint for the price. I personally am attracted by speakers that have great clarity in the tweeters, without being thin or tinny, and without being sounding unnatural (i.e., an over-equalized tone). The Superones sound extremely natural to me and I think, depending on bass management component-wise, have enough bass for me (perhaps not for everyone). However, in my small HT setup, they obviously require a subwoofer to complete the sonic picture.

After living with these speakers for so long, I believe that they are actually prefect for a second setup, in the bedroom or some comparable smaller room with a smaller system. They are small enough, and with their black gloss finish, can actually look very nice in rooms which are not solely used for A/V purposes.

I realize that NHT has gone through some changes, including being bought by Recoton, and obviously coming out with newer series of different speakers since '96-'97. However, these speakers seem to be still carried by various on-line dealers, as well as being on this ite, eBay and other such auction sites - so finding them will not be too difficult, at least for the time being. Additionally, they are (especially now) bargains, if not outright cheap!

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Denon AVR600

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Good but with the discounts since the line has chenged the 1.5's aree way to go (used market half of the $600 list).And saying that though I don't see a lot of them the floor standing Super to listeing atr $800 has for my vote that price locked up.6.5 in front and one down firing I tell my non audiophile freinds putting togtheer the sub $1500 to get those and an Acurus DIA mkII for $400 and a Sony SACD ES333 used for $500.That $1300 I put togther for a buddy and he wants to name his first born after me.I'd go also with 1.5 a good HK 1000 reciver with a sub out and get the NHT Sub one which has also been phased out and shows up used for cheap money.BTW while the new NHT stuff is good don't like it as much as old line.
I have NHT SuperOnes and Paradign Atoms. The SuperOnes are very, very nice $100 speakers (what they go for now), but they just do not sound as good as the Atoms which are $70 speakers. I have tried to convince myself otherwise time and again, but just a little listening always changes my mind back to the Atoms sounding better. By better I mean richer mid-bass and crisper highs. If only Paradigm would put a nice finish on the Atoms and Titans instead of that cheap vinyl laminate. If looks matter, the NHT's are much better.