Review: N H T Super One Monitor

Category: Speakers

I have pretty wide musical tastes and a pretty small budget. Enter the NHT SuperOne. I actually am using the SuperOneXU, but it is identical to the SuperOne in everything but cosmetics. The frequency response is very nice, but below about 60Hz a sub is really necessary to fill out the sound.

While the acoustic suspension design means it isn't the world's most efficient speaker, it gets as loud as I need it to, and then some, with a 100wpc solid state amp. I use these speakers as the front pair in a home theater setup and they perform astoundingly well for their price and size. The absence of a port allows for wall-mounting without huge compromise in the sound.

The imaging is very nice, and even on my decidedly budget setup the speakers really disappear. Speaking of disappearing, I have heard that these are now discontinued, so grab them while you can.

Clearly, if money were no object, I would upgrade. Money, however, is my limiting factor. I suspect I am not alone in this. If you are putting together a system on a budget, take a serious look at this speaker.
Too bad they have been dicontinued. They were a great little speaker for the money. However, there is a slight difference in the sound of the plastic cabinet Xu and the MDF black Super One.
I own a pair of these and use as surround channels, my main speakers are NHT 3.3's and AC-2, they sound AWESOME!!!
The Ones are very well mannered, match the system rather well and I use Aragon 4004 MK-II to drive them with abolutely full control, aplomb and very nice results indeed.
For the fron end I'm using now Threshold S-5000e with also extremely good results.
I'll give the little Ones a best of class award, they're not expensive and very, very musical, no small detail sacrificed, microdynamics, and low level detail is very good for a minimonitor of that price, also overall general dynamics are very good when paired and adjusted properly with the right type of subwoofer (sealed enclosure)
I'm suing them very well with a Velodyne F-1800 MK-II, very finely adjusted with Prosonus Calibration CD and a $50 meter from Radio Shack, it will do the trick.
Also as above, sorry that it gotten discontinued.
Happy listening

I am buying a pair on The Gon for $125.00 for my sister as I advised her to buy a NAD Integrated for $65 and NAD CD player for 50, complete with a digital out AND variable output (not that she needs that...) I think she will have a tidy system with room to upgrade (DAC, subwoofer, etc...) I am also GIVING her my NAD turntable... Anyways, the NHT's should be just fine for her.