Review: Myryad MDP-500 Surround Pre

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Based on the glowing reviews of this product I decided to try it a couple of years ago and bought one slightly used from Brooklyn Audio in Canada.About two months after owning this the unit froze and would not respond regardless of any reset sequence I tried.The dealer was great and made arangements to exchange it for me. I thought this was pretty nice as I had in fact purchased the unit used.Shortly thereafter,the second unit failed!In contacting the US distributor I was told that I WAS THE ONLY ONE that ever had these problems.I did a little digging into this and the UK distributor acknowledged that these were in fact manufactured in Indonesia (or someplace similar,I really can't remember)and had known quality issues.They actually forwarded my email to the concern that was making them in an effort to get them to tighten up their quality control.The US distributor promptly sent me a third replacement-one he had been using as a sample. I checked it out and immediately put it up for sale as things like this make me very gun shy,I did not want a repeat of a third incident.It is always frustrating to have to unhook a pre pro- something like 50 cables for various sources/amps and needless to say your system is down for a while. The buyer of the third one emailed me shortly after receiving it and told me that three or four of the inputs did not function! I told him to take it to his local tech and I would pay for the repair.He found several jacks that were either broken or never soldered to begin with! $80. later he was happy. Meanwhile,the UK distibutor emailed me back after receiving the original unit to tell me they could not fix it.I was curious as to what happened.Needless to say,I am not a big fan of these! The sound from what I can remember was very good,not good enough to offset the anxiety every time I turned it on.This was the original version,perhaps the later ones are better. Every processor will hiccup every once in awhile,these have heart attacks! The local dealer here in town stopped carrying these.I don't know if they are even in business anymore. I would reccomend several other more reliable companies,as it is obvious this was rushed to market.I have since been using Proceed which has not given me an ounce of grief.

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Chiro C-500 amp,Apogee Duetta Signatures,Sota turntables,Sunfire Cinema Grand

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What a nightmare! : (

They are designed in England and manufactured by SRS( Flextronics) in Finland. I do belive that they have had some bad experiences with cheaper processors made in asia. But that´s a long time ago. Had myself a problem with mine though =P . The chip that is controlling the volume "died" and with EXELLENT help from Myryad, England, and Flextronics, Finland, it was taken care of. Lightningfast! Never had a problem since. If you can find one used, It´s a very good value pre. ( Buts that´s only my opinion ).

Not that big of a Nightmare!

I am the person who bought the unit from Don. Moreover, after the initial Problem I have been very excited with the unit. So Far (After a few years) I have had no problems and the sound is amazing!

I certainly understand the frustrations of units not working however; I would not hesitate to buy one of these units

I just bought one these cheap ($150) and it works great but i do not have a remote for it.

What are my options (if any) on getting a remote programmed for it?
Also waiting to hear on the remote, I have a Harmony 990? I'm going to try and post back. First impression. Awesome sounding pre especially using 7.1 analog inputs. Astoundingly good.
The harmony 990 does work with this unit. It sure does sound nice. I think the best way to set it up may be using the onscreen display which I have not done.
 I am hoping 2 channel from the 7 1 inputs is set for sub off but so far have not seen that screen. I think original remotes are imperative with these kinds of digital preamps.