Review: Myryad MDP-500 Surround Pre

Category: Preamps

This pre/pro rocks!! It sounds absolutely fabulous with movie sound tracks and also sounds great in 2 channel stereo. I listen mainly to rock and jazz music, In paricular listening to Patricia Barber's Modern Cool CD the sound just floats between the speakers and it is just like I am there in a smoke filled jazz club listening live. I have had the MDP 500 in my system for around 9 months now and I have not regretted the purchace yet. Well worth the money. In my opinion you could spend a lot more and not get the sound that this thing is capable of. I was using just an Onkyo receiver before I moved up to seperates and what a transformation, the sound compared to that is just incredible. Better bass, treble, midrange etc. etc. etc. The sound stage and focus or localization moved up about 10 notches from what I have been used to. The strengths are the sound and ease of use along with a great price for such a performer. I can't think of any weaknesses at all so far. Give this thing a listen, with the right speakers and amps I think anyone would be proud to own the MDP 500. I have it hooked up to a Krell KAV-250 for the L&R speakers which are Celestion A3's.

Associated gear
Sony DVP-NS900V DVD/SACD Player
Pioneer Pro-100 TV
RCA Satellite System
Krell 250A amp
Parasound HCA 2003 amp

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