Review: Musical Fidelity Music Fielity M6i Integrated Dual M Amplifier

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The Best Integrated Amp I Have Ever Heard
Written By Marc M, Lakewood NJ on Friday, September 23, 2011

The Music Fidelity is simply the best integrated amp I have ever heard to date by a wide margin. I think it has to do with the combination of its internal dual mono block design paired with 200x2 watts of clean power. Mono block design eliminates cross talk between channels. What does that mean? Well, it means that's the sound is eerily quiet and transparent and the sounds just emanate with with a such crystal clarity and detail, that this causes what i would call MUSICAL EMOTION. Its euphoric. This amp will make bad recordings sound good and great Lossless files or CD's sound beyond heavenly !

I have demoed a few really good amps over the past few months , but this one really stands out by a wide margin. The amp needs about 2 hours to warm up for its best sound.(like any good amp) Also needs about 100 hours to fully break in. (Keep it on for a week to burn in quickly.)

Now on to the power output. The power is TREMENDOUS. There is no distortion even at higher volumes. Never runs out of steam. Bass control is tight and accurate. Rhythm and pace are perfect. Highs are detailed with a sweet side. This amp sounds like a very expensive TUBE amp, but with more accuracy and tighter bass control. Low fatigue is the right word.

I will not be needing to upgrade this amp for quite some time. My hats off to crutchfield for stocking the music fidelity brand of amps.

Did i say that I love this amp!

I recommend any NAD CD player with this amp. They compliment each other very well.

Associated gear
Benchmark Dac1 Pre
Wiredworld Cables
Onkyo Ipod Transport

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Nice review, thanks! I've actually been thinking about an m6i myself and your review helps. Hope you're still enjoying it!