Review: Musical Fidelity A-3 CD CD Player

Category: Digital

This unit not only sounds great it looks great as well. It has become the centerpiece of my system. When looking to upgrade from an entry level cd player I took a look at all sorts of options. I looked at Linn, Arcam, Cambridge audio and others. I found nothing to have as clear and acurate a reproduction as the MF. In addition, taking into account the availability of a matched DAC this unit is so very hard to beat. Female vocals are so good and reproduction of acoustic guitar really allows the unit to shine.

I am a Stereophile on a budget but really would have to look and listen hard to find something I would replace this piece with.

I will say this, This unit was once of the first pieces I upgraded in my old system. As I have added more and more High-end pieces to the system this unit just seems to get better and better. My next mission is to do a full upgrade to all the wire and cable and I am sure I will see even better results after that.

Associated gear
acurus act 3 pre/pro
b&k av5000 5X125 amp
b&w 6 series 3 speakers
rbh sub

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