Review: Music Hall mmf cd-25 CD Player

Category: Digital

I was looking for a cd player with 24-Bit/96k D/A and able to play HDCD. The build quality is excellent with high end components being used ( Burr Brown and Phillips) and it looks like a high quality player costing much more. I auditioned NAD, Rotel and sony. This was the best bang for the $$$$$ My only complaint, yes ONLY,**** is the absense of a headphone jack. This is a great sounding cd player for $600.00 list price. I purchased it for under $500.00

Associated gear
Bryston 4B power amp
Bryston 11B preamp
Monitor Audio 8i's
Silver interconnects and silver speaker cables

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You are absolutely right, the Music Hall is an excellent unit. I just bought one myself after a long search.
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