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Cable Review: Mr. Cable Super flex 10
Six Foot Power Cord.
Date: 4/24/06.


Rogue 88 Tube Amp.
Yamaha Preamp/Antique Sound lab LHO1.
Belcanto dac-2, Chang 3200 PLC.
Speakers are the B.G. 420’s Bolender Ribbons.
My background: Electronic Tech, Telemetry/Radars.
25 years U.S. Gov. Audio/Videophile. 25 years.

Day 1. I saw this big black good-looking thing on Audiogon, I sure wonder what it sounds like. Looks like the high dollar Shunyata Reseach power cords. Humm maybe this is a $900.00 power cord but sales for $399.00 $299.00 direct. I talk to Scott about the superflex 10. This is a 10 gage un-twisted and un-shielded cable with special thick damping insulation that makes it sound better. Hey if the grounding and shielding isn’t do right, you can mess a lot things up in designing any cable. I know the popular Audience power cords are not shielded also, Richer Smith told me it sounds better without the shielding. The Flex has a multi-strand 10 gauge plated copper power cord. Each wire consists of 120 strands each. All three wires (live, common and ground) are each 10 gauge. The wall plug is a hospital grade Marinco and the IEC is a Wattgate. The Flex 10 is also very flexible, dah! Hey this is really nice, I can’t stand those big PC cords I cant bend around my gear, and I don’t like my CD player and preamps sticking up in the air. Also you can get the cable in other colors too. The cord also has the nice plugs on them; “Smart” when it comes to AC power 110 volts 60 cycles, you better have good connecting AC plugs. Bad plugs means bad current-flow and arcing!

The Sound:

The Flex 10 needs about two weeks to burn in before sounding its best. My in house cords are my 12 gauge home grown cord made up with cardas cable on the neutral and audience cable on the load with no shield and no ground. Harmonic Tech AC-11 and Shunyata Research Diamondback. Well out came the AC-11 on the tube preamp and pop in the Flex 10. Wow! What the heck happened? The Flex 10 exploded! Very big soundstage and clean sounding. The BASS was deep and tight with very good low-level resolution. The MIDRANGE maybe one of the best out there, it just sounds smooth and open with no hash like other cords have. Almost like a good interconnect and speaker cable, hey power cords are not supposed to act like this. But the Super-Flex 10 did, the TOP-END was clean and detail and had that sparkle to it. The most things that really stood out and separates the Flex 10 apart from other power cords is, that three-dimensional sound it has, this is its strong point. Not many cords can do this. I plugged in all my other cords up ageist the Flex 10 and it hammered them all. My preamp sounded like it almost died when I unplugged the Flex 10. Man! I though my homegrown cord really sounded good, till I compared it to the Flex 10. Oh well I guess I’m keeping the Super Flex 10. What’s scary is that Scott told me he has better sounding power cords. What! Hey if they sound better than what I already have, send them on.


The Super Flex Power Cord is very Flexible, what I mean is you can use it on anything, T.V’s. Amps. Preamps. DVD players,Tuners, CD players and Dac’s, hey plug it into your computer it might work faster, just kidding. But at this price the Super Flex 10 is a dangerous sounding power cord and looks all some too. With cords like these I cant see why people are paying a $1000 bucks for power cords, CRAZY!!!

Bill Glenn

God Bless

Associated gear
Rogue 88 Tube Amp.
Yamaha Preamp/Antique Sound lab LHO1.
Belcanto dac-2, Chang 3200 PLC.
Speakers are the B.G. 420’s Bolender Ribbons.