Review: Morrow MA6 Interconnect

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This will be short, but wanted someone to know. I have spent years in this hobby getting to the point where I may consider myself done, or at least only moving up the line of equipment I own. Having been looking for a cable set to finish off my system and to provide the last bit of tweaking I have spent the past 2 years trying out all different cables, some inexpensive, and some expensive and have found the place to stop. Morrow Audio.

I had settled on their MA4 interconnects about a year ago and decided to play the field one last time. This time with Nordost, and their TYR cable. So I bought the TYR and go tit home, did the A/B to the MA4 and what did I hear? Well, the TYR had a slightly blacker background and I will call it softer highs at the expense of detail. It was a very soothing cable. I threw the MA4 back in and crapped myself. I liked the MA4 a lot better. It had way better bass, more detail on the high end and conveyed way more musical information. So I sold the TYR and traded up my MA4 for a pair of MA6, their highest line cable. Here is a summary in comparison to the TYR:

MA6 showed far more textures, deeper and wider soundstage, deeper and tighter bass, the MA6 sounded like live music in comparison to the TYR. In short, the MA6 crushed the TYR as did the MA4. I was searching for that cable that makes a violin really pop, a piano sound like a piano, a cable that makes the music REAL. This is the only cable that does it for me. Others have had the great detail, but at the expense of being harsh or missing bass or missing something. The MA6 has, to me, the perfect balance of detail, harmonic richness, texture, layering, soundstage, dynamics and bass.

I wound up buying the Morrow high end SP6 speaker cables as well and the combo is amazing, best cables I have ever heard and an amazing deal. No smoke and mirrors, no garden hose size cable, no silly boxes, batteries or anything of the sort. Simple, small cables made beautifully and sound incredible.

Associated gear
Custom Made Speakers:( They have Accuton drivers, Scan Speak tweeters, high end wiring, capacitors and resistors.

Pass Labs XA30.5
Esoteric D-70 DAC
RME 9532 Sound Card
RME word clock input
ASIO drivers using JRiver Mediacenter

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how much did u pay for the MA6 interconnect and speaker cable?
I traded in my old MA4 so it is hard to tell, but it was way below the retail cost. Morrow constantly runs 50% off, so I paid that minus my almost nothing for cables that to me, crush the high end Nordost.
thanks :)
I replaced my $$$ interconnects with the Morrow MA6

How would you describe the sound of the Morrow to your expensive Synergistic cables?
I have one more comparison between the MA6 and Clarity Cable and I'm done with the quest in cabling.