Review: Morrow Audio 300B1 SET Monoblock Tube amp

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Around 4 months ago I surfed the Internet and the look of the Morrow Audio 300B1S SET Monoblocks interested me. This company is an unknown one in the audio industry and its owner Mr. Morrow has never been in the audio magazine. However its 300B Amp is not cheap and I wonder how it sounds and how it can compete in this killing field of Hi-Fi equipment. Since I like taking risk, I then tried my luck to spend big buck on this “Never Heard” 300B.

2 months ago it arrived and I think it has already run-in now. I then invited two friends to join the audition; both of them have more than 25 years of listening to Hi-Fi and music. They have had extensive listening experience on expensive equipments such as Mark Levision, Jadis, Mackintosh...

The Morrow Audio 300B1S SET Monoblocks, together with the TJ 300B Mesh Plate (NOT JJ300) delivers a really 3D picture of individual musical instruments. The image is sharp, pinpoint and in focus that you could expect only from very expensive solid state Amp. But the sound is sweet and warm and beautiful that you could only expect from very expensive tube Amp. The harmonic and “air” is excellent and the overall balance is superb.

When we listen to human voice, it is the voice of a live singer. You can “see” the singer’s throat is moving. The Steinway sounds of the Steinway, NOT from a Yamaha. You could even "smell" the wood of the piano. You can feel the strings of the violin and guitar are vibrating. The overall sound is very real and you would feel you are in the concert hall, not listening to electronics. One of my friends just wanted to close his eyes and listen. He even said: "I don't want to talk about the sound of the Morrow Audio amplifier because I benefit more from simply enjoying it."

Of course, it has some weakness. Brass instruments are not brass and metallic enough. And the bass in not really deep for my 12 inches Tannoy Monitor Gold in the Lancester cabinet.

In short, if 5 stars is full mark, both of my friends rate the Morrow Audio 300B1S SET Monoblocks a 4.5 stars. I think my taking a risk gets my reward.

Associated gear
CD: CEC belt drive and CEC decoder
Pre-amp: Vintage Fisher 80C with Telefonken Tube
Amp: Morrow 300B1 SET Monoblock with TJ 300 B Mesh Plate
Speaker: 12 inches Tannoy Monitor Gold in Lancester cabinet
Didn't you post this already?
That was a different review, posted by Mr. Morrow himself, something which elicited a bit of controversy (he said it was written by one of his customers). We would seem to be witnessing a concerted campaign here, since Cheungben has no other Audiogon contributions to his credit. Yes, I know about Morrow today and didn't last week, but let's just say this ain't the subtlest way to go about making a first impression around here, and although I'm not an SET guy myself, I'll assume that the amps don't deserve not to get the benefit of the doubt.
Didn't you post this already?

Evidently it bears repeating: The original post which, interestingly enough was this member's first post, was posted on 6.7.06...just one day before this one. It was promptly followed up by a response from Mr. Morrow. Tvad, where are you?! You're slipping Grant!


Sorry, I was talking about this one.
Thanks Marco, I knew I wasn't losing my mind. Zaikesman, his earlier review wasn't posted as a review just a normal thread, use Marco's link to check it out. Also I was a bit suspicious of this poster as well, but check his feedback. Though he has no other posts he appears to be a legit buyer/seller. That being said, it appears Morrow Audio is gunning to become the next DK Design!
Jond: I take it your last line is said with tongue firmly in cheek -- comment how we will about his self-promotion in the forums, Mr. Morrow ain't exactly cranking out SS integrateds in China!

Chuengben: I didn't doubt that you are a real person, and hope you continue to draw nothing but enjoyment from your new amps.
My tongue was so firmly planted that I think I bit it off, ouch! Yes you gleaned my meaning exactly, as they say there's not such thing as negative publicity.
Thanks for you guys' comments. I originally posted this comment in the "forum" and I eventually found out that the forum is not intended for a "review". So I posted it again in the "review". I wish I could erase it from the "forum". This is NOT an ads for Morrow Audio. I am from Hong Kong and as I said I don't personally know Mr. Morrow, but his design really deserves my appreciation.
Apologies, Mr. Cheung from Honk Kong, for my "cranking 'em out in China" line... ;^)
We wish to post a defensive response to "clear the air" and give clear understanding to all that has been written about us.

There are several threads about us on Audiogon. These threads all began with our posting a review which were written and sent to me by one of our customers.

Some thought this was out of line since we were the poster, accusing us of "breaking the posting rules". Some even implied between the lines that the reviews were fake people that we had made up. That is far from the truth!

I responded and showed that it was ok for a manufacturer to post a review in the review section, which is what we did. There seemed to be confusion between the rules for the forum and the rules for the review sections on Audiogon. We quoted the posting rules that Audiogon has established for their review section: "Commercial users are welcome to submit reviews, but only if they are truly useful to members, and as long as they disclose any business affiliations." This is not to mention that all post must be approved by Audiogon before they allow a post to be published.

One of our customers then posted a review in the forum section, after later realizing he placed it in the wrong place, posted it in the review section. More confusion and comments occured.

We allowed these threads to continue, many apologized for their accusations. We have found that negative comments usually end in the truth being realized.

We understand that the negitive comments started out of the commenter's not realizing the posting rules.

We are one family and I we wish everyone the best in their audiophile journey. There are no hard feelings from Morrow Audio. Happy listening!

Mike Morrow,
Morrow Audio