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This review is for a couple of the products from a company called Monument Reference. They caught my eye here on Audiogon as they use Brazilian Rosewood for their coupling devices which you can use under components and speakers to treat vibrations and resonance. These devices are apparently treated with a unique varnish similar to what is used on musical instruments like Violins.

I first purchased a set of the Signature Series SoundPosts and used them under my Cary 308. Those familiar with the 308 CD Player probably know they come from CARY with wooden feet of their own. The SoundPosts come in sets of three so you install them in a triangular configuration under your components. An unbelievable amount of thought went into positioning these discs under your components as it comes with a “Center of Mass” installation procedure that is very intriguing yet easy to follow. One post being upfront, and two in the rear.

Well, I sat down after installing and started to do some listening. At first, I was kind of shocked at the immediate difference in the presentation and character. I mean, I have used the usual suspects in vibration treatment devices (VibraPods, Sorbothane feet, German Cones, etc) but something was very different. I will do my best to describe what I was witnessing. The thing that really was jumping out at me was the quietness of my system and the rhythmic pace of the music. I mean all of the instruments were much clearly defined and seem to be much more detailed yet relaxed. Okay, I am thinking that I am imagining some of this. I mean I have to be.

So, I continued to do some listening with multiple titles that I am very familiar with. Definitely not my imagination, this is really a nice improvement with no compromises in other areas. Okay, now my curiosity is truly peaked. Well I ended my first listening session at a very late hour and went to bed. I called a friend of mine the next day, and told him about the SoundPosts. I invited him over for a listen. So here I go again. I remove the SoundPosts from under my CD Player and we start to listen. Things sound good as they always have but I am now noticing some congestion in the midrange and the quietness I described above had definitely dissipated. Also, the system is just missing the musical bloom from the night before. It does not sound bad but definitely not as spot on as my previous listening the night before with the SoundPosts installed.

Okay, so we have now listened to several selections off of a few discs (Daniel Lanois: Shine, Ryan Adams: Love is Hell, Alice in Chains: Unplugged, Patricia Barber: Modern Cool). So, I reinstall the SoundPosts under the CD Player. We then listen to the same selections in the same order. My buddy looks at me and says, "You have got to be kidding me". I smile as now I know I am not imagining it myself. The same results were immediately present in the systems character. We continued and did some listening for hours with all kinds of music. Things were just right. Now, my system has always been involving but there was now an ease to it and just a bloom that it did not possess before.

Well, as I am a music junkie and addicted to this crazy hobby of ours. I found myself on the Monument Reference web page looking at their other products. I went ahead and ordered two additional sets of their Signature Series Master SoundPosts and Signature Series SpeakerPosts. I planned on installing the Master Posts under my Cary SLI-80 and of course the Speaker Posts between my Sonus Faber Concertos and the matching stands. I ended up speaking to the Bryan the owner of Monument Reference and found out that he also makes custom products and offers professional set ups, tuning, and consulting services. He mentioned to also take a look at his Tuning Posts as they sit on top of components and compliment the effects of the Sound Posts. He is a real audio enthusiast and a very nice guy.

Well by the end of the week, I had both sets and installed them. I went ahead and uninstalled the OEM Rubber Feet from my SLI-80 and set the amp on top of the Master Sound Posts in the same triangular configuration. The speakers require the opposite. Two Speaker Posts upfront with one in the rear since the drivers on are the front of the speaker. Finally ready to listen. I know what you are thinking, more of the same results right? Yes and No. Things were still quiet and yes, the system still had this bloom I described above but things had changed. After listening further, I finally could put my finger on it. The soundstage moved back vastly and each instrument was in its own space again with that ease I described. Not to mention, the rhythmic pace of the music was just "ON".

This is the best my current system has ever sounded period. My friend came over the next night once again with my wife looking at us like we were crazy after hearing me talk about these wooden discs and what a difference they have made. We did some more listening and yes to validate what I experienced, he witnessed it as well. Are we the ultimate judges in listening? No, but I cannot say enough good things about this product. Needless to say my friend ordered a set for his CD player the next day. I have found myself listening more and more and sifting through my collection more and more. I would strongly suggest giving this product a serious audition. I was skeptical myself but anything with a 30-day return policy seems like fair game when it comes to trying new things. Anyway, I would recommend these to anyone who is happy with their system but is looking to take things to the next step in musicality and refinement.

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My System:

Cary SLI-80 / NOS Tubes (Installed Signature Series Master SoundPosts)
Cary 308 CD Player / For Redbook and HDCDs (Installed Signature Series SoundPosts)
Sony SCD-222ES / For SACDs
Sonus Faber Concerto Home (Installed Signature Series SpeakerPosts)
Sonus Faber Adjustable Stands
Audience Au24 Interconnects
Audience Au24 Speaker Wire
Audience PowerChords

Associated gear
Cary 308 CD player, Cary SLI-80 Signature, Sonus Faber Concertos and matching Stands

Similar products
DH Cones, German Cones, Symposium, Bright Star Audio.
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Nice review.

A few years ago, I tried using cones with various shapes made of various hardwoods, including cocobolo, brazilian rosewood, ebony, maple, walnut, and mahogany. I did this for similar reasons that you described above, they were tone woods.

They did make a nice improvement over the stock BDR cones that I had been using. They were even included as standard equipment on a certain high end turntable model that is popular on this forum.

I've since moved on to another type which made more of an improvement in my system. You might have heard of them. They are called Audiopoints.

I did like the wood stuff, but not as much as my current Audiopoints.

I since have gone on to work for Starsound, who makes the Audiopoints, so you may take my comments with a grain of salt, if you like.

Thanks so much for the follow up. Yeah, I too had played with a few of the Tone woods before but what makes the SoundPosts unique is the Varnish applied to the wood.

It states in the owner’s manual that the woods that are used for the products are just a base material for the application of their "Proprietary Varnish". It then states that it is the critical interface and is the reason the products work as well as they do.

When I spoke to the owner, Bryan, I had asked why he applies the varnish and doesn't just sell bare pieces of rosewoods for a lesser price. He stated that after a couple dozen hours of R&D, they found that various applications of materials over the bare wood started to dramatically improve the sound.

In addition, he said that all woods have a specific tone and coloration which is then introduced into the audio chain. He said that they spent over a 1000 hours developing the varnish to combat these colorations alone. I cannot imagine how this was done.

They must be crazy, though I think their diligence paid off in full. I was little skeptical but I must say, that has changed.

Anyway, I am very familiar with the StarPoints but I have been down that road before with that style of isolation device. It does look like your company has some cool products. I have heard fantastic things about the Caravelle Monitors.

Good Listening and Happy Holidays to you!


Hi Chris: Very interesting review. As a person whom has spent nine years in Japan, and seeing many of my associates with wooden disc supporting their system. I too came to agree that they did indeed make a very natural effect on the music. I've since been following Combak ( Harmonix Corp.) & Yamamoto Sound Craft Products for years. I believe most American simply don't know how to " LISTEN WITH THEIR HEARTS". Everything here is about A SOUND. Not a MOMENT OF TRUTH. I've found in the last 20 years of listening to HI-FI....................., Some with never understand the sense of emotion that a flowing well balanced & musical sound should be. Thanks for sharing Your views. However, Could You E Mail Me. I'ld love to see photos. As I couldn't recieve any at the site You mentioned. Thanks & Happy Holidays To You & Your Family. EL34EH