Review: Monster Reference 2 Interconnect

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I have tried numerous cables both expensive and economical over the past two years. One of best interconnects I have tried would be the Monster Reference 2 interconnects. Initially, I was quite skeptical of Monster products. The cable itself is thick and well constructed. After plugging the interconnect between my DAC and Player I noticed an improvement in bass, soundstage and highs. I have also used this cable between my tv and receiver and things also improved. For a reasonable priced cable I would definitely buy these.

Associated gear
Denon 3803, Harman Kardon Signature 2.1, Paradigm Reference 60's, Perpetual P-3A DAC, NEC 6X ROM

Similar products
Nordost Blue Heaven, Kimber Silver Streak, DH LABs

Yesterday I received a similarly cable however named "Reference A", seems that is the same like yours, but older?

Can you please write me directly much detailed?, on your unique experience with this singular product?

Thanks very much; in advance!


the monster reference 2 interconnects are very old as cables go with very little refinement compared to modern cables. i have a pair of them put away somewhere and would not even dream of using them anywhere but in a very inexpensive system. Overall i would describe their sound as very flat but smooth, with limited high frequency extension and air. Not much depth nor involvement to the sound. They are not horrible sounding but i would not pay more than $10.00 for a meter pair.
I own a set of the 1 meter Reference 2 cables, and I would have to disagree with the previous post. These cables do have depth and good response. They get the signal to the amp without coloration that I have noticed in some of the very expensive exotic type cables. I would agree that the 100 dollar MSRP is a little steep, I got mine for $20.00 and am more pleased with them with some cables costing twice as much. True, there are cables that run circles around these.. But those cables will cost you a small fortune and if you don't have premium plus gear you will never benefit from them.
I compared a pair of these that I had been using to connect my TV to my preamp, I recently got a DAC so I now use the digital out on the set. I substituted the IL Reference 2 for the MIT MI-330 (original version) connecting my DAC to my preamp. The sound was not bad at all, but using recordings I know well, there seemed to be a lack of texture and timing that the MIT provided. Diana Krall just sounded more lifelike, there, BETTER through the MIT. The piano, bass guitar and brushes on the snare drums had more nuance. MY system is a Cambridge Audio DacMagic, MacBook Pro, Aragon 24k pre and 2004 power amp. Testing was done A/B with 24/96 FLAC files via Toslink. Bottom line is the IL Reference 2 is fine for utilitarian use, but that the MI-330 is an overall better cable and a great value used.
Monster Reference 2 wasn't a bad cable in it's days. I owned 2 pairs (one for CD and the other between preamp-amp).
Replaced them with two pairs of Monster M1000i - which bettered them signifficantly on cd and not so much between preamp and amp.

For 20 bucks they're a bargain i 'd say... :)