Review: MONSTER CABLE HTS 3500 AC filter

Category: Accessories

After the hunt was over,the winner is the HTS 3500. Sure there are better power devices out there in AUDIO LAND but for the $$$$ this is my choice. I had noticed a slight noise (buzz of some sort)sometimes in my system when it was on and sitting idle (probably from an appliance or something being used in another part of the house). I do not have a dedicated circuit for my system but live in a residential neighborhood and the power seems to be very clean. After the HTS 3500 was installed in my system the system is dead quiet. I've also noticed that the detail and soundstage seem a tad better. The build is nice and sturdy and it's made by MONSTER CABLE. I am very happy with this purchase. Rick.
Just for ha ha's I removed it from the system and the noise came back. So I reinstalled it and it is now a permanent fixture in the system.
My Musical taste varies but mostly I listen to Jazz, Older rock and blues. I really love female vocals. When listening to music I like it to be reproduced as accurate as possible or as my "budget" allows.

Associated gear
Bryston 4B Power Amp
Bryston 11B Preamp
Monitor Audio 8i's
Muaic Hall mmf cd-25
Music Hall mmf-7 Turntable

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