Review: Monster 3600mkIII ref vs 1000mkIII ref AC filter

Category: Accessories

Classical and jazz are my mainstay. Everything matters to me i.e..dynamics, transparency, extension, speed, rythm, tonality and soundstaging. Lack of transparency is a no no for me. I recently tried both the Monster Reference Power conditioner 3600mkIII and the less expensive HTS1000mkIII. Both removed hash and added a sense of more power but the 3600mkIII was phasy and cloudy sounding with a slowness that was aggravating. The 1000mkIII was far more transparent, faster, cleaner sounding and still added smoothness and power to the presentation..not bad for $200. I will be trying a new MIT Z stabilizer III HG power conditioner soon for comparison. I did try a Shunyata Hydra 8 on loan as well and like other shunyata products I found it dark and dead sounding..go figure what can be done with marketing!!

Associated gear
Krell 400xi
Krell SACD std
Krell Resolution 2 speakers
MIT/Transparent cabling

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