Review: Monobloke Woodworking Maple Amp Stand Stand

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I recently saw an ad here on Audiogon listed by Monobloke. He makes amp stands out of maple.

I emailed him and asked if he could make me a five sided box 18" x 12" x 12" out of 1" maple and finish it in gloss black.

I have a Topaz 5 Kva Ultra Isolation Transformer that I have added Mundorf caps to enhance it's performance. It has lowered the noise floor, but hums pretty loudly in the process of cleaning my AC.

I was looking to cover the transformer with a box lined with soundproofing material.

Jerry ( Monobloke ) told me that he could and I gave him my order. I received the box this afternoon and was astounded when I pulled it from the box and unwrapped it.

My maple box looks like a piece of furniture finished in Piano Black!

I was originally going to ask Timbernation to make it for me since I have an amp stand that he made for me. When I found out that he's out of business, I looked to the Audiogon ads and found Jerry.

I'm very glad that I did, his work is not only exact to specs but his craftmanship is exquisite.

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Does your five sided box silence the hum of your Topaz?
How about a picture of the new addition?
I've had Jerry build a few custom size platforms for various equipment and was amazed at the quality to price ratio. He does fabulous work and is a very kind gentleman. Very highly recommended

I'll let you kinow as soon as I try it. I received it Wednesday and we left Wednesday evening for Thankgiving with my family 120 miles away.

The look and build quality is what stunned me when I unpacked it.

I see that you have a Xentek. When I had one it was noisier than any of my Topaz tranformers, until I added the Mundorf caps to this last one.

If this works as I hope, I'll be sure to let you know. If I have to put the soundproofing material in it and that works, I'll let you know that and give you the website where I bought the material.

More than anything, I wanted everyone to know about the quality of Jerry's work.